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Philippines. Migrants pay thousands of dollars to dubious agents to get to Poland

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Television recalled the story of one of the immigrants who he found employment in a poultry factory in Mława.

“He was waiting for the end of the shift when the police came to the workplace, having been previously informed about the factory employing undocumented workers,” Al-Jazeera reported.

“I didn't know I was illegal. I thought I was my agency obtained a work permit for me” – explained the man. He was detained for one day and interrogated before… Polishe immigration authorities informed him that he would be deported.

Migrants surprised by Polish migration law

Travel from the Philippines to Poland usually it starts on the internet. Candidates respond to some of the hundreds of advertisements that falsely offer Filipino workers stable, well-paid jobs in Poland.

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Recruiters also promise hassle-free obtaining permanent residence and citizenship. Filipinos pay agents thousands of dollars for this opportunity. In some cases these jobs don't exist at all – noted Al-Jazeera.

For many it turns out to be a surprise requirement to live in Poland for at least five years i passing a language test Polish to obtain permanent resident status – added. Employees are promised permanent, full-time employment, but often on-site they have to work part-time for low wages.

Recruiters also lure employees offer of accommodation in a private housewhile in Poland they end up in multi-room apartments with others downloaded to Europe people. “Every day we stand in lines to go to the bathroom in our own apartment” – said one of the Filipino immigrants.

More and more workers from the Philippines

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has recorded a significant increase in the number of Filipino workers in Poland – currently about 30 thousand.

“They indeed face the risk of abuse or violation of their rights due to low or withheld wages and low-quality or even unhygienic accommodation offered by employers,” IOM stressed.

Noting the growing problem, the Philippine government has issued several warnings against “unscrupulous recruiters” to work in Poland, who also target Filipinos working in other countries, e.g. in the United Arab Emirates.

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