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Philippines. They challenged China. They crossed the “red line”

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The dispute in Asia is in full swing, and the parties to it are: China and Philippines. Both countries claim the right to mielizny Scarborough in the South China Sea. China Coast Guard took control of it in 2012. The government in Manila does not want to accept this situation. Disputed land it lies adjacent to the Philippines and in the country's legally recognized economic zone.

In 2016, an international court found that Beijing's claims are illegal. The Chinese ignored the ruling and the conflict continues, as illustrated by recent events.

South China Sea. Dispute between China and the Philippines

The BBC reported that an incident occurred between ships belonging to both countries near the Scarborough Shoal. Station journalists they were on board one of the Filipino vessels.

The Filipinos' goal was to provide supplies to fishermen working in the area. There was a violation of the “red line”, so The Chinese decided to respond.

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As we read, an achievement mission success it was very close. One of the Philippine Coast Guard vessels came to within 600 meters of the disputed shoal. Chinese units then positioned themselves on both sides of the ship and used water cannons. The second machine belonging to the Filipinos was also damaged.

The BBC portal reported that the Chinese they were very determined. At one point, the enemy units were surrounded 10 coast guard and maritime militia ships. Beijing issued a communiqué on this matter, accusing the enemy of entering its territorial waters.

Philippines. The dispute with China went aground

Authorities in Manila believe that Beijing does not respect international law. The new presidential administration decided to challenge Chinese presence around the disputed shoal and increased its presence in the region.

This led to more frequent incidents between ships belonging to both countries. However, the comparison of forces leaves no doubt and resembles the biblical scene of the fight between David and Goliath. China is the dominant party.

Interestingly, they were indirectly involved in supporting the Philippines United States. Joe Biden's administration has bet on long-term modernization of the Philippine armed forces.

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