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Phone scam. “I caused an accident, a pregnant woman had a miscarriage.” He believed, wanted to help and lost all his savings

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An 81-year-old resident of Wyszków lost over PLN 30,000 to help his daughter, who allegedly caused an accident and urgently needed money to avoid punishment. He threw the money on the lawn in front of the block.

The man received a call from a landline number claiming to be his daughter.

– She said she caused an accident where a pregnant woman had a miscarriage. The 81-year-old was also talked to by a man claiming to be a police officer, who informed that 140,000 zlotys were needed to avoid punishment and imprisonment for his daughter, reports Komm. Damian Wroczyński, press officer of the Wyszków police.

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According to the instructions

The 81-year-old prepared over PLN 30,000. He heard that enough is enough for the beginning. The scammers asked him where the officer was coming.

– Following the instructions, he packed the savings in a plastic bag and threw it from the balcony onto the lawn. After a while, a man appeared in front of the block, took the money and quickly left. The “policeman” was to call again when he wrote the report. Did not call. Only then did the 81-year-old realize that he had fallen victim to scammers and alerted real uniformed officers – adds Kom. Damian Wroczyński.

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Grandson hit a pedestrian

A similar fraud attempt has recently been made in Ostrów Mazowiecka. The 72-year-old resident received a call from a woman claiming to be her granddaughter. She reported that her grandson and the woman’s brother caused an accident and hit a pedestrian. Therefore, they need PLN 150,000 to settle the case. The 72-year-old reported that she had tens of thousands less at home, then the woman hung up.


Remember, do not transfer money to strangers and do not transfer money to given and unknown accounts. If someone informs us about an event in the family, please hang up, and then dial the phone number to call and confirm such information. In case of any doubt, inform the police immediately. Remember! Police officers and prosecutors never ask for money from family members. Please – if you have elderly people in your family who live alone – talk to them about safety in the apartment – warn them that they should never let strangers into the house and should never give money to people they do not know.

Fraud warningPolice

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How to avoid falling victim to a phone scam?
• Be careful with strangers. • Never give money to people you don’t know. Do not trust people who claim to be relatives or their friends over the phone. • Always confirm the “request for help” by contacting in person: make a phone call or contact us directly. • Do not act in a hurry and possibly postpone the date of granting the loan (preferably by a few days). • Any telephone requests for help (also from abroad) may result in the loss of money. Do not transfer money to strangers or transfer money to a designated bank account. • If someone calls about this and there is any suspicion that it may be a scam, be sure to notify the Police. Hang up and redial the emergency number 112.

The methods of scammers

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