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Photovoltaics in Poland. ERO data for 2023

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At the end of 2023, there were 1.4 million RES micro-installations (renewable energy sources) in Poland, almost all of them photovoltaic – according to data from the Energy Regulatory Office published on Friday.

According to the Energy Regulatory Office's report on energy generated from Renewable energy in micro-installations and introduced into the distribution network in 2023, 98 percent micro-installations were used by prosumers, and 99.8 percent these were photovoltaic installations.

At the same time, less than 4.5% came from micro-installations. electricity produced in Poland.

The number of micro-installations is growing slower

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As noted by the Energy Regulatory Office, in recent years there has been a decline in the growth rate of the number of new micro-installations and the volume of energy produced by them. The growth rate of the number of prosumer micro-installations decreased from approx. 41%. in 2022 to approximately 15 percent in 2023. The growth rate of the amount of energy they introduce into the network is also decreasing, from approx. 110%. in 2022 to approximately 26 percent in 2023

On April 1, 2022, the so-called discount system – net-metering – was replaced by a new settlement system, considered less favorable for prosumers – net-billing. Those who submitted an application for connecting a micro-installation by the end of March 2022 can use the existing system for the next 15 years. The rest must use net-billing.

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Increase in the number of micro-installations in 2018–2023ERO

Necessary investments in infrastructure

According to the Energy Regulatory Office, at the end of 2023, over two thirds of prosumer micro-installations, nearly 930,000, were connected to the networks of two operators: PGE Dystrybucja and Tauron Dystrybucja. Also, nearly two thirds of the energy produced by the smallest RES installations was introduced into the networks of these DSOs (distribution system operator).

“For years, we have been observing the dynamic development of the market of prosumer installations of renewable energy sources, the number of which reached 1.4 million in 2023. The dynamics of their development over recent years, both in number and capacity of RES micro-installations, confirms the need to increase investments in network infrastructure. And distribution networks are one of the most important areas of activities undertaken by the Energy Regulatory Office,” emphasized Rafał Gawin, president of the Energy Regulatory Office, quoted in the Office's information.

Micro-installations are the smallest RES installations connected to the power grid with a rated voltage lower than 110 kV, which, according to the statutory definition, have a total installed electrical power of no more than 50 kW and, possibly, achievable thermal power in cogeneration of no more than 150 kW.

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