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Piaseczno. She called the police, and the contact suddenly ended

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In this case, every second counted. The police officer on duty in Piaseczno received an alarming report from a woman who did not manage to tell where she was. – Contact with the reporting person suddenly ended, and the only thing that was certain was that she needed immediate help – said the spokeswoman for the Piaseczno police.

Senior aspirant Magdalena Gąsowska, spokeswoman for the District Police Headquarters in Piaseczno, noted that officers encounter many situations when “instant and decisive actions must be taken.” Especially when it comes to saving health or life.

– This is what happened in the case of a call from a 34-year-old woman, with whom contact suddenly ended before she could inform her where exactly she was and what exactly happened. The only thing that was certain was that her life and health were in danger, because she most likely lost consciousness, said senior midshipman Gąsowska.

She was lying unconscious on the pavement

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The actions of the officer on duty at the District Police Headquarters in Piaseczno and the officers of the patrol and intervention department subordinated to him led to the discovery of the woman.

She was unconscious and cold, lying on the sidewalk on one of the streets in Piaseczno. The police immediately called an emergency medical team to the scene and started helping the injured person, constantly monitoring her condition. – The 34-year-old woman was quickly taken to the care of paramedics and then to the hospital, where she was provided with specialist help – the policewoman assured.

Main photo source: KPP in Piaseczno

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