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Piaseczno. The escorted man attacked the policemen and fled. The expert says what went wrong

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The escorted man escaped on Thursday, June 22 from the courthouse in Piaseczno. He hit one of the policemen so hard that he lost consciousness. The other failed to overpower him. The police have been collecting for five days, and experts are wondering how this situation could have happened? Marcin Tomczak, a retired police officer and anti-terrorist, explains in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl where the oversights could be hidden.

A man transported on Thursday morning to the District Court in Piaseczno attacked the convoys and escaped. The search for the fugitive has been going on since Thursday.

How was this escape possible? After watching the video, which shows the entire incident, the expert points out several issues. – An escorted person cannot be escorted by one policeman. The escorted person should be physically held by one officer, and the other should protect him – explains Marcin Tomczak, a retired police officer and anti-terrorist. He points out that in the recording the police officers exercise insufficient supervision over the transported man. – One officer stands by the convoy and the other walks around the car and checks something. The policemen treated this person leniently, as can be seen in the recording. It paid off, Tomczak added.

The man freed himself from the handcuffs

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The expert also adds that the fact that the man freed himself from the handcuffs indicates that he probably had some object with him to open the handcuffs. That could mean it wasn’t searched properly. – When admitting a prisoner to the escort, the escorts are obliged to search them in order to reveal all possible items that may lead to their liberation – explains Tomczak. “He must have had a lockpick to unlock the handcuffs,” he says.

However, even in this situation, there is one more safeguard. It is a special handcuff lock. “She prevents them from being opened with a lockpick,” the ex-cop pointed out. So how is it possible for the escorted man to free himself from them? – With basic precautions, before the escorted person is taken out of the vehicle, the method of fastening and securing the handcuffs is checked inside the vehicle. This man should not be taken out of the vehicle if he did not have handcuffs checked, whether they are properly fastened and fastened – emphasizes Tomczak.

There is one more thing. – Particularly dangerous people are led in handcuffs on the so-called guide, they are put on the front of the wrists and connected together with handcuffs, which are put on the ankles or with a belt on the hips – says the expert. At the same time, he notes that the person escorted to the court in Piaseczno was wearing just such handcuffs.

Can a runaway be dangerous?

Marcin Tomczak claims that, contrary to the assurances of the police, the person who escaped from the convoy may be dangerous, and this can be proved by … also his outfit. – People are not brought to court in private clothes. The so-called treasury clothing, i.e. from a prison, so that in the event of an escape these people are visible and easy to identify. In the case of persons deprived of liberty, it is green clothing, and in the case of persons considered to be particularly dangerous, the so-called. “N-ki” is red – explains the expert. In his opinion, in the recording of the escape from the court, the escorted man was wearing red trousers. “If he was wearing red, he was classified as particularly dangerous by the prison service,” he added.

– If someone escaped from the convoy and used force against armed policemen, overpowered them, then he is a dangerous person. If he attacked the policemen, he may also attack civilians who are in the vicinity of the wanted man and will want to inform the officers about his presence. The mere fact of adjudicating an isolating measure also proves this. So how can you tell that this person is not dangerous? Tomczak wonders.

So we ask an expert why the officers seem to downplay the danger? In his opinion, it may be partly to avoid panic. – It is also downplaying the problem with which they collided, their fault and lack of professionalism. Serious infringements cannot be treated as such. The fact that this man was “only” convicted of a minor crime doesn’t change anything. If he has been convicted, he is escorted and secured in the same way as a person convicted of a serious crime. If it is additionally the supervision of a particularly dangerous person, then reinforced procedures are used: handcuffs with guides, an increased number of escorts, more vehicles in the convoy, beating attempts should be taken into account – enumerates the former policeman.

“They should tell it like it is”

So what should the policemen do when the escorted man escaped? – Officers should say how it is, say that they made a mistake and a very serious one. Warn the residents and tell them not to approach this man and not to take any action themselves – says Tomczak.

Tomczak also pays attention to the training of officers. – Police officers do not have training and proper preparation, after two or three months of the basic course they go into service. Then they come under the care of a policeman with about three years of experience, who also knows little, and then such things happen, and there are no experienced policemen because they are not respected, so they retire – the expert lists.

The police for the last few days did not want to refer to possible negligence in the escorting of the prisoner. The control department checks whether all procedures have been followed – we learned on Thursday.

Main photo source: Contact 24

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