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Piaseczno. The woman lost consciousness. The police resuscitated her

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Last weekend, police officers patrolling the streets of Piaseczno near Warsaw received a report about a woman who was sitting cold in front of one of the stores and it was difficult to contact her. When they arrived at the scene, the 34-year-old woman fell to the ground and lost consciousness. Resuscitation was necessary.

“At Kościelna Street, the police found a 22-year-old resident of Piaseczno, who, as it turned out, noticed the woman who was barely able to stand and decided to alert the law enforcement officers. The officers tried to find out what happened, but contact with the 34-year-old was difficult. In some cases At that moment, the woman began to fall to the ground and lost consciousness,” Magdalena Gąsowska from the District Police Headquarters in Piaseczno described in a press release.

They started a rescue operation

An ambulance was called to the scene. The policemen started providing first aid. “The situation was very serious because the woman had an undetectable pulse. Sergeant Karol Sidel and Constable Wiktor Siarniak started cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The actions taken by the policemen meant that the injured woman regained her vital functions even before the ambulance arrived,” explained Gąsowska.

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Ultimately, the 34-year-old was taken under the care of doctors who provided her with further help.

The police appeal: do not be indifferent

“We appeal to all residents of the Piaseczno district to ensure that none of us remains indifferent to the needs of others, especially in the event of temperature drops. Our common interest may help us save someone’s life. Let us also try to save someone’s life. show kindness and extend a helping hand to those who need it. Let’s not ignore such people. Let’s remember that one phone call can save someone’s life – as was the case here,” appeals the police.

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