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Piaseczno. They blow up the chimneys of the former Polkolor kinescope factory

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Polkolor, formerly the largest factory in the Piaseczno poviat, produced color cathode ray tubes based on American technology. The plants established in 1976 were known throughout Poland, but also in the world. A few years after its opening, it was visited by the then Vice President of the United States, George HW Bush. Now the characteristic chimneys disappear, they are blown up using explosives.

– Demolition using explosives took place in a closed area. On Wednesday after 6 p.m. there were loud explosions, after which the chimney and the concrete silo overturned in the opposite directions, described tvnwarszawa.pl reporter Artur Węgrzynowicz, who was on the spot. He added: – Their impact on the ground was felt by people standing even a few hundred meters away.

The demolition of the former factory at 7/9 Okulickiego Street was announced on its website by the District Office in Piaseczno. Officials recalled the history of factories known not only in Poland, but also abroad.

Game at the opening, Bush for a visit

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As we read in the information, Polkolor produced color cathode ray tubes based on American technology. It was established in 1976. It was a gigantic factory employing over five thousand workers.

The local portal piasecznonews.pl described in turn that the production started in 1979. The first secretary, Edward Gierek, was to come to the opening of the factory.

“Unitra-Polkolor CRT Plant was visited even by Vice-President George Bush at the time when Ronald Reagan was the US president” – described the starosty. According to the local portal, the visit took place in 1987.

The most characteristic element of the factory are the so-called robertsons on the roof of the cathode ray glass factory. “Robertsons, which make quite a cosmic impression, were used to evaporate water from glass tanks” – it was explained.

In 1991, the company Thomson Polkolor was established, in which the French company Thomson Consumer Electronics was the majority shareholder. In 2005, Thomson sold the company to the Indian concern Videocon Industries Limited. Production of kinescopes continued until 2009.

Starosty: everyone in Piaseczno knew someone who worked in Polkolor

“Polkolor was so big that basically everyone in Piaseczno had someone, and certainly knew someone, who worked in the kinescope factory. The mass layoffs that began when Polkolor became the property of Videocon were the biggest challenge for our Poviat Office so far jobs,” officials noted.

Videocon sold the area of ​​the former Polkolor to HiPark Piaseczno two years ago. As calculated, so far there have been 250 entities that rented office and warehouse space from TDP Park Przemysłowy.

Many valuable things from inside were saved. In agreement with the new owner, the memorabilia, including photos, plans, and even the control cabinet of the cone line (a giant computer controlling the production process in the cathode ray glass factory) went to the Piaseczno Museum, which is being organized.

Mementoes of the factory will go to the emerging museum

“Getting out the wardrobe was a huge challenge, in which we were helped by the Piaseczno-Grójeckie Towarzystwo Koleje Wąskotorowej” – said Paweł Jakuboszczak from the Piaseczno Museum, quoted in the release.

“The history of the kinescope factory ended a long time ago. Now the characteristic buildings will disappear from our landscape” – emphasized the officials.

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl

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