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Piaseczno. They were crossing a three-lane thoroughfare on a red light because they were “in a hurry to do official business”

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The senior siblings showed recklessness. Heedless of passing cars, a 76-year-old man and his 64-year-old sister crossed a three-lane street at a red light. The irresponsible behavior of pedestrians was recorded by a camera mounted in a police car.

The incident took place on Friday afternoon on one of the main thoroughfares of Piaseczno. It is about three-lane Puławska Street, which – as emphasized by the local police – is one of the roads with the highest traffic volume.

– A 76-year-old man and his younger sister, 64, ignored it, and their feat was recorded by a police video recorder. The siblings decided to overcome this busy street on a red light, almost between the cars, because as they said “they were in a hurry to settle official matters” – describes the spokeswoman of the Piaseczno police, Magdalena Gąsowska.

“It’s better to lose a moment in life than to live in a moment”

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For extremely reckless and irresponsible behavior, pedestrians were fined PLN 200. – The “punishment” for ignoring the rules could also be a life lost in this case. Remember that it is better to lose a moment in life than to live in a moment. Let’s abide by the applicable regulations and be conscious and reasonable road users,” appeals Magdalena Gąsowska.

Main photo source: POLICE

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