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Piasts. Collision of a delivery car with a train, recording

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PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe published a recording of the collision that occurred a few days ago in Piastów. The driver of the delivery truck, despite the falling barriers, entered the railway crossing. He got stuck on the tracks and moments later collided with a train.

“On October 23, near Piastów (Masovian Voivodeship), a dangerous incident occurred at a rail-road crossing. The driver of a delivery vehicle did not stop before a red flashing signal prohibiting entry to the intersection. The driver ignored the signs and drove under a closing barrier,” they wrote railway workers.

They also posted a recording. We see a traffic light showing red light, the barriers are starting to close. Drivers traveling in the opposite direction to the bus driver stop. However, the man in the delivery truck keeps driving, and eventually he fails to pass the crossing because the barriers are completely lowered. Then it performs maneuvers on the tracks. I want to pull over to the side of the road, but the car doesn’t fit all the way there.

The drivers of cars standing behind the barrier start to reverse, moving away from the barriers, and a collision with the train occurs.

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150 people were evacuated from the train

We wrote about the effects of the collision on tvnwarszawa.pl. – There was a collision with a Wrocław-Białystok train. One person traveled by car and about 150 by train – Monika Orlik, press officer of the Pruszków police, described to us. – According to the first information, the driver did not obey the signals and, despite the falling barriers, entered the crossing. We initially classified the incident as a collision, she added.

She noted that no one was hurt.

“99 percent of all accidents at crossings are caused by drivers who ignore traffic signals, traffic and safety rules. Haste, inattention and recklessness too often lead to reckless behavior,” railway workers remind in the entry under the video. “In a crisis situation, you can use the “yellow stickers”, which are located on the barriers’ drives or on St. Andrew’s cross. Since 2018, every crossing in Poland, managed by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA, is additionally marked. Yellow stickers have three important information: individual identification number of the rail-road crossing, emergency number 112 and emergency number – they add.

Main photo source: PKP PLK

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