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Picnic. Grill. BBQ. 10 barbecue records from around the world

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How many hours did the longest grilling marathon in history last? How much did the largest portion of beef prepared at once weigh, and how much did the longest vegetarian sausage in the world weigh? You will find answers to these and many other questions about the grill in the article below.

The long May weekend begins on Wednesday, and our forecast for the May weekend shows that we will have favorable weather conditions for at least a few days. The sunny weather encourages you to barbecue with family and friends. Here are some interesting facts about the most popular May Day activity.

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Alone and in a group

The record-breaking grilling marathon took place in April 2014 in the US state of Georgia. Jan Greeff from South Africa grilled non-stop for 80 hours. During this time, he managed to prepare 1,000 hot dogs, 200 corn cobs, 104 pieces of chicken, 558 hamburgers and 526 boerewors typical of South African cuisine. The large barbecue was organized for charity purposes – people who visited the record-breaking site could donate to a foundation researching type 1 diabetes.

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Separately, the record for the longest barbecue was also broken in the team category. In July 2022, a three-person team from Texas grilled hamburgers, onions, peppers and Mexican dishes for 40 hours and 49 minutes.

The record for the largest number of people grilling in one place comes from Japan. In November 2023, 2,220 people in the city of Ishigaki were preparing beef skewers at the same time. The meat was chosen not by accident, because Ishigaki is one of the places where cattle are raised for the famous Wagyuu beef.

The Guinness Book of Records also holds a place for the most popular grilling lesson in history. In Kansas City, Missouri, three professional chefs taught 336 people how to prepare grilled ribs and steaks. The lesson took place in April 2017.

Although the May barbecue events will certainly attract many people, we cannot count on a similar turnout as the barbecue in Monterrey, Mexico, in August 2013. As many as 45,252 people attended the city event, organized by the local authorities.

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Rules for safe and healthy grillingMaria Samczuk, Maciej Zieliński/PAP

Record-breaking dishes

Grill records, however, concern not only the chefs, but also what goes on the grill. The longest sausage was created in December 2014 in Ploiesti, Romania. The meat product measured 62.75 kilometers in length. After being officially measured, the meat was distributed among the city's inhabitants.

There is also a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the vegetarian option. In 2010, a 101-meter-long vegetarian sausage was prepared in Duesseldorf, Germany. Interestingly, the dish was placed on the grill whole, without being cut into smaller portions.

The largest portion of beef grilled at one time weighed 9.1 kilograms. It was prepared in March 2011 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the meat processing plant in General Pico, Argentina, and distributed to 20,000 people celebrating. Interestingly, in its raw state the meat weighed over 13.7 kg.

A large event was also organized in the Brazilian city of Goiania in July 2022. To feed the 40,000 gourmets gathered at the Serra Dourada stadium, 52,300 portions of beef were prepared and served within just 8 hours.

Such large dishes require appropriate cooking equipment. The world's longest barbecue was built in Bayambang, Philippines in March 2014. The 8 km long structure was used to prepare 50,000 kilograms of fish.

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