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Picnic. He almost collided head-on with an unmarked police car

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In the vicinity of the village of Majówka (Podlaskie voivodeship), the camera of an unmarked police car from the Białystok road traffic was recorded with a 38-year-old Dacia driver, who forced the policemen to brake suddenly and pull over to the side of the road while overtaking a truck. After being arrested, he explained that he was in a hurry to go to work.

A camera in an unmarked police car from a Białystok traffic police station recorded the dangerous situation on the national road number 65.

– On a busy road near Majówka, a Dacia driver who was overtaking a truck was driving to the lead with a police car. To avoid a collision, the policemen braked sharply and pulled over to the side of the road. Thanks to their quick reaction, there was no accident – says the aspirant Katarzyna Molska-Zarzecka from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Białystok.

Fine and penalty points

The 38-year-old driver forced the policemen to brake sharply and pull over to the side of the roadKMP Białystok

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The officers turned back and a moment later stopped the Dacia for inspection. It turned out that a 38-year-old inhabitant of Białystok was driving the wheel.


– He explained to the policemen that he was in a hurry to get to work. He was fined for causing a traffic hazard, and penalty points were credited to his account – emphasizes Asp. Molska-Zarzecka.

The police stopped the driver near Majówka in the Supraśl commune

Main photo source: KMP Białystok

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