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Picnics, meetings, rallies. Politicians continue their campaign offensive

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The difficult situation of farmers, poverty of children and seniors – among others, these topics dominated the last campaign meetings of politicians with voters. Politicians of the Civic Coalition talk about pre-election debates. Picnics promoting the Family 800 plus program are still organized with taxpayers’ money. Everyone collects signatures.

The report from the campaign Sunday should start with the Saturday evening in Brańsk and the cake, which, as he himself admitted, was “fair” – Jacek Sasin took up. He also gave the first pieces. Everything took place formally as the 530th anniversary of Brańsk, but the PiS politician’s associates took the opportunity and collected signatures for the registration of the committee. Jacek Sasin himself tried to emphasize his ties with the area. – Coming here to you today, not so far from here, I visited the village of Sasiny. I have some part of myself here, perhaps of my origin, my roots. As I read, the Sasin family is one of these noble families here, from this land – said Jacek Sasin.

On Sunday, the Civic Coalition also collected signatures. In Krakow, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz is getting ready for the election competition and says to organize regional debates of ones on the lists. – I call for a debate of ones. On compacted earth, appeals Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz.

PiS does not give up and continues to organize picnics promoting the increase of 500 plus to 800 plus. The opposition asks who pays for this and whether government funds are used to finance the party’s campaign. Because what else would you call picnic attractions less than two months before the elections. – Are such picnics during the election campaign legal, can you finance the election campaign in this way? asks Tomasz Trela. There are doubts, so the PiS picnic was reported in social media by the Łódź councilor of the Civic Coalition. There was a scuffle with a PiS councilor.

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The fight for the village

One of the leaders of the Third Way, the president of PSL, Władysław Kosiniak Kamysz, appeared at the harvest festival in Lesser Poland. The Minister of Agriculture at the fair in Piotrków Trybunalski sent assurances to farmers that the rulers are with them not only during the harvest festival. – We are with you, and perhaps above all we are with you when it is difficult – said Robert Telus. The minister enumerated various subsidies, but Michał Kołodziejczak, the candidate of the Civic Coalition for the Sejm, says that all this is poorly organised. – Agriculture today is an illustration of what is also happening in other areas of the economy in Poland. Here, in agriculture, we see a lot of neglect, a lot of uncertainty – believes Michał Kołodziejczak, the leader of AgroUnion.

The prime minister boasts on social media of comments from voters who mainly criticize the previous government. – PiS believes that it is convenient for them. Polarize Poles that they must be either PiS or PO. They do not have to be. (…) You can choose from a wider palette – says Krzysztof Bosak from the Confederation. At the Rafał Trzaskowski Campus, the Marshal of the Senate argued that the Senate Pact, which was not easily developed, must be respected. Everywhere, he says, it should be a rivalry between the Pact candidate and the PiS candidate. – Each member of the Senate Pact will have a logo on their billboards – announces Tomasz Grodzki.

Kołodziejczak: We must fight for this freedom together.  She won't be otherwise

Kołodziejczak: We must fight for this freedom together. She won’t be otherwiseTVN24

Decrease in child poverty?

The Left organized a conference in the morning, during which it referred to the words of the Prime Minister, who stated that the PiS government had managed to reduce child poverty from 30 percent in the PO era to around 4 percent. The opposition says that’s not true. – Mateusz Morawiecki would gladly join the decline in the number of poor children, which actually happened, but it happened during the rule of Beata Szydło many years ago. Since then, unfortunately, the Polish government has been ignoring the problem of poverty, explains Adrian Zandberg, MP for Razem.

At the beginning of the PiS government, child poverty was indeed decreasing, then it stopped, only to increase recently. – The number of people using free meals organized by local governments and public benefit organizations is increasing. Also when it comes to poverty. Poverty among seniors is on the rise. Poverty among children is growing – enumerates Paulina Hennig-Kloska from PO.

Zandberg: we have the right to live and work like Europeans

Zandberg: we have the right to live and work like EuropeansPhotos of the organizer

Tough alliance

Although Zbigniew Ziobro’s party is going to the elections together with PiS, the head of PiS and the Prime Minister have repeatedly pointed out to the Minister of Justice that the judiciary is not doing well. There was even the phrase “half-collapse”. Now the minister boasts that the data for last year show an acceleration in the duration of proceedings. But – even after this acceleration – it’s still slower than when PiS started to govern. The minister points out that in the meantime we had COVID-19 in Poland, but the problem is that the duration of court proceedings in Poland began to increase even before the pandemic.

On Monday, the Left announces information about its lists. The deadline for submitting lists of candidates for deputies and candidates for senators is September 6.

Main photo source: tvn24.pl

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