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Pigeon. Józef Majewski's passion is unusual bicycles. He even has a “space” bike in his collection

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It started with “Świat Młodych” and the first constructions. Today, Józef Majewski from Gołębie (Lublin Voivodeship) has a whole collection of unusual bicycles. For example, there is one with the pedals at the front and the steering wheel under the seat. Or one that you pedal backwards. There is even a “space” bike. But it is not everything. Mr. Józef also collects hammers.

– It was the beginning of the 1980s. I was attending a vocational secondary school in Dęblin and I was wondering what to construct as part of my diploma thesis. I was inspired by the then editor of “Świat Młodych”, Marek Utkin – an enthusiast of recumbent bicycles – i.e. bicycles that can be ridden lying down. This is how the first model was created, which I still have in my collection – says Józef Majewski.

Since 2006, he has been running the Museum of Unusual Bicycles in Gołębie, Puławy County. He has been collecting exhibits, not only two-wheelers, for years.

The first bicycle was constructed in the 1980s. Marcin Majewski

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Unusual bicycles have become fashionable

– The first ones I got from my colleagues who also constructed unusual bicycles as part of their diploma theses. Later, the future museum received two-wheelers made under my supervision by students of the technical school I had previously attended and where – after graduating from the technical school – I had taught for over 30 years. During this time, unusual bicycles became fashionable in Dęblin and the surrounding area, Majewski recalls.

The pedals are in the front and the steering wheel is under the seat Museum of Unusual Bicycles

The museum has nearly 60 exhibits, of which 20 are shown to visitors, including the first one.

– It remains my favorite to this day. The thing about recumbent bikes is that there is less air resistance while riding, which is why they are much easier to ride than a regular bike. In the early 1980s, I drove it for 600 kilometers in three days, covering the route from Świnoujście to Suwałki. For a cycling enthusiast, this is a very good result – our interlocutor smiles.

One even “appeared” in the series

The collection also includes a “space bike”, which was constructed for the youth television series “Three Crazy Zeros”.

“Space” bikeMarcin Majewski

– It was a half-joking, half-serious series. A large metal – although incomplete – wheel was created above an ordinary bicycle. This vehicle is driven in such a way that you have to accelerate and brake sharply. Then there is a fall and we roll “upside down” with this “big wheel” for a moment, and then we stand on the bicycle wheels again and keep going. Of course, for safety reasons, you must wear a seat belt, explains Majewski.

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It started with DIY

The collection also includes a bicycle with pedals at the front and the handlebar under the seat.

– It just looks like that and it's hard to drive. Once you get used to it, everything is fine. The only thing that is difficult to ride is a bike that I call acrobatic. You have to stand with both feet on a small frame connecting two wheels and “catch your balance”. There is no saddle or handlebar, our interlocutor points out.

You have to strike a balance Museum of Unusual Bicycles

He also designed a bicycle that can be ridden by pedaling backward instead of forward.

– I have been a handyman since I was a child. However, thanks to bicycles, I developed a passion for collecting – he admits.

He also has hammers

In addition to bicycles, the museum also has a collection of over 50 hammers.

You can see different types of hammers Marcin Majewski

– The hammer is one of the oldest tools created by man. I have, among others: a carpenter's hammer, a surgical hammer, a shoemaker's hammer, a bricklayer's hammer, a blacksmith's hammer, a carver's hammer, a kitchen pestle, a mallet (i.e. a hammer used by sculptors) or a hammer for breaking a window, e.g. in a train, and a hammer for hitting a welding seam – Majewski enumerates.

Telephone cards used in lessons

He also has a collection of several hundred telephone cards, including those depicting architectural monuments.

– Here, students also helped me create the collection. It was a way to interest them in architectural styles. We have collected, for example, a series of Gothic and Baroque buildings. It was similar with the coin collection. For example, those with famous Poles served me during lessons to tell stories about individual characters – he recalls.

He also has a collection of calling cards Marcin Majewski

New passion – collecting candlesticks

He also has a collection of over a thousand bottles. Some of them stand out because they come from various distant countries, and some because they have strange shapes. He started creating a new collection. This time, candlesticks.

– I bought the first ones at an antiques fair. I already have over 30. These are, in my opinion, design gems. What will be the next collection? I don't know yet. I think that in the future I will pass everything on to my grandson to continue it, Majewski smiles.

Like bicycles, there are also chainwheels Marcin Majewski

Main photo source: Marcin Majewski

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