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Piła, os. Upper: The boy wandered around the city at night. Mom was at the club. She is threatened with imprisonment

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Wandering the streets of Piła at night, the crying child noticed a passer-by and reacted. He took care of the little one until the policemen arrived. The boy “admitted that he left the house to look for his mother, because she was only supposed to go out to see her friend for a while,” informs Wojciech Zeszot from the police in Piła. In fact, she went to play at the club. The court decided to place the child in a foster family.

The report about a boy walking alone on Piła was received by the police after 2 a.m. from Saturday to Sunday. The crying child was wandering around one of the supermarkets in the Górny estate and was looking for his mother. A man passing by noticed them. He immediately notified the police about the case and took care of the toddler until the officers arrived.

– The desperate boy admitted that he left the house to look for his mother, because she was supposed to go out to her friend only for a moment. He also told the policemen that it was not the first time when he was left alone at home – explains Wojciech Zeszot from the police in Piła.


The policemen went with the boy to the apartment and confirmed that no one was there. They established that the woman at that time was staying in one of the clubs in Piła. The boy was placed in the care of a foster family.

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She did not realize that her son was gone

On Sunday morning, the policemen again went to the apartment from which the boy had left. Their mother opened the door. – After her return, the woman did not even realize that her son was not at home. The test for alcohol content showed nearly one and a half per mille in her body – says Zeszot.

During the search, police found over four grams of amphetamines in the refrigerator. Therefore, the woman was also tested for the presence of drugs. Their preliminary results confirmed the presence of amphetamines in the body.

The 26-year-old was detained. – She heard two allegations related to the immediate danger of her son and the possession of drugs. By the decision of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Piła, the woman was placed under police supervision, informs Zeszot.

The boy ended up in a foster family

The Family Court in Piła was informed about the case. Taking into account the safety and proper care of the boy, he decided to place him in the care of a professional foster family.

A woman is facing five years in prison for endangering a person who has a duty to care for.

Main photo source: KPP Piła

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