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Pińczów. A drunk tractor driver was running away across the field from the police. He had 3.6 levels of alcohol in his blood

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The policemen from Świętokrzyskie Province informed about the arrest of a tractor driver who was driving under the influence of alcohol, and at the sight of a police car, he turned into a dirt road and started an escape. According to the uniform, this man has been caught driving on “double throttle” for the fifth time.

On Sunday, the uniform from Pińczów received a notification that a drunk driver could drive a farm tractor in the Michałów commune. Moments after the policemen noticed the tractor, it suddenly turned off the road.

The tractor driver had 3.6 parts per mille of alcohol in his bodyŚwiętokrzyska police

Escape through the field

– The driver of the tractor, at the sight of the police car, turned into a dirt road and started to escape. After a few hundred meters, however, the tractor driver realized that he had no chance and stopped his vehicle, informed staff aspirant Damian Stefaniec, a press officer of the Pińczów police.

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It turned out that the man had two reasons for wanting to avoid being checked. First of all, a breathalyzer test showed 3.6 per mille of alcohol in his body. Secondly, the driver – according to policemen – had already sat behind the wheel several times “after eating”.

Police: Has been registered four times

– Since 2015, it has been banned from driving any vehicles, valid for another three years. The ban was issued due to his earlier similar antics at the wheel. The 35-year-old has already been credited four times for drunk driving, Stefaniec said.

The tractor driver is facing up to five years imprisonment.

The prison also threatens two other drivers who drove cars in Pińczów during the weekend under the influence of alcohol. The test showed 1.8 per mille in a 23-year-old woman, and 1.3 per mille in a 55-year-old woman. Both of them can be imprisoned for two years.

Main photo source: Świętokrzyska police

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