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Piotr Bromber appointed new deputy minister of health. It is to deal with social dialogue

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Piotr Bromber became the new deputy minister of health; it will deal with social dialogue and human resources development. This was announced by the head of the ministry at a press conference on Monday. Adam Niedzielski invited representatives of the National Protest and Strike Committee of Healthcare Workers to a meeting on Tuesday. Without the participation of the prime minister, as demanded by the protesters.

– We have appointed a new deputy minister who is to deal with the most pressing issues from our point of view. I am talking about social dialogue, but also about the development of human resources – said Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski at a press conference. He added that “these are two areas that relate to the dispute we are having with the protest committee, but also to a priority that appeared in these talks, related to the education of staff, with the provision of post-specialized education”.


Protesters’ demands estimated at PLN 100 billion

Piotr Bromber became the new deputy minister, whose work is to “maintain a dialogue with all professional groups, but also with patients” – said Niedzielski. He emphasized that the most important challenge is to fill the shortages in health care. He noted that these are not topics that can be solved “overnight”. He noted that, according to government calculations, the value of the protesters’ demands is PLN 100 billion.

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– This 100 billion is more than half of revenues, for example from VAT, which, more realistically speaking, would mean that we have to translate this rate of 23 percent of VAT into roughly 36 percent to finance such expectations – he said. He appealed to “clarify whether talking about such large expenses, such large salary increases, such great bonuses is rational overnight”.

Niedzielski said that expenditure on the healthcare system should increase. – I also asked the chairwoman (Maria) Ochman from the Solidarity trade union, that we would have a meeting on Thursday in a wider group, together with other trade unions that did not take part in the protest – said the head of the Ministry of Health.

As he argued, it is now important to build a wage growth path that will be parallel to the increase in health expenditure to 7 percent of GDP. – And the next postulates, further increases are topics for further discussion. Now let’s focus on what is possible, what we can do together, what we can do in a spirit of dialogue, he said.

Niedzielski: the most important challenge is to fill the staff shortagesTVN24

Adam Niedzielski proposes a meeting. There will be no premiere

The Minister of Health once again invited representatives of the National Protest and Strike Committee of Healthcare Workers to a meeting on Tuesday at 1 p.m. – There will also be an opportunity to meet the new minister responsible for social dialogue at the Ministry of Health and I hope that this invitation will not be rejected this time – He said.

Let us remind you that the National Protest and Strike Committee of Healthcare Workers consistently demands a meeting with the head of government. On Monday, he wrote a letter to the minister of healthin which he stated that the straighteners would not take part in the meeting if Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was not present.

Meanwhile, the head of the Ministry of Health announced at the conference that this is not yet the moment when Prime Minister Morawiecki should participate. – At the moment I am conducting this dialogue, I have all the authorizations to conduct a dialogue with social groups working in the medical sector as the constitutional minister – he said.

The minister emphasized that now is the time to clarify the details and deepen the discussions, and setting requirements that are to block it is completely incomprehensible. – The essence and goal should be to solve the problem, not to look for a reason why dialogue cannot be conducted – he added. – There is a need for a more working meeting, where we must, among other things, talk about the assumptions and present the details of the calculations. This is not done by the method of exchanging letters, but just by conducting substantive discussions during meetings – explained Niedzielski.

He reminded that talks with paramedics were also scheduled for Tuesday. The meeting is to be attended by Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska. – Problems are solved at the table, in a discussion, and not through protests, because unfortunately nothing comes of them, in the sense that after Saturday’s protest no problem has been solved – said Niedzielski.

Bromber: we are open to dialogue with everyone

The new deputy minister, Piotr Bromber, emphasized at the press conference that “health care is an area in which there have always been great emotions and expectations”. – Unfortunately, these emotions and expectations were often accompanied by a lack of trust – he added. – We want to reset and rebuild this trust. We are open to dialogue, to conversation with everyone – he assured.

Deputy Minister of Health Piotr Bromber: We want to rebuild trust. We are open to dialogue and conversation with everyoneTVN24

– I am aware that among the protesters there are many young people who enter, will enter the professional space. It is natural that young people want to come in and have perspective. (…) They want a different work culture, they have different expectations – he said.

Bromber announced that further steps will be taken to increase places in medical faculties. – We are in favor of limiting the number of specializations, in order to be open to young people’s suggestions and their expectations – he declared.

– Money is important in health care, but the discussion should not be limited only to the issue of money. The problems we are facing indicate this, among others, by the limited number of staff. (…) The area of ​​social dialogue is very important. (…) We are for talking to everyone, but let’s be aware that it is nothing wrong to be different. If we differ, we should also talk and we will encourage the protesting side to do so, ‘said Bromber.

The spokesman for the ministry, Wojciech Andrusiewicz, said that Bromber had taken the vacant post of Deputy Minister Józef Szczurek-Żelazko, who had left the ministry.

The entire speech of the Deputy Minister of Health, Piotr BromberTVN24

Healthcare workers’ protest

On Saturday, health care workers marched through the streets of Warsaw in protest, and then created “White Town 2.0” near the Chancellery of the Prime Minister (Chancellery of the Prime Minister). The protesters gathered in the town announce that they will stay there until their demands are fulfilled. Among other things, they are demanding higher wages and changes to the system. “White Town 2.0” refers to the nurses’ protest in summer 2007.

Main photo source: TVN24

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