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Piotr Jacoń about his book “My, trans”

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Journalist Piotr Jacoń talked about his book “My, trance” on TVN24. He explained that transgenderism is “the incompatibility of body and soul, which is not as obvious as it seems.” “It’s not a question of sexuality, but of gender identity,” he said. He also pointed out that it is important to “be aware of how little you know, and not pretend to know” in this matter.

In March this year, Piotr Jacoń’s report “Everything about my child” had its premiere, in which he spoke with parents of transgender and non-binary people. Jacoń himself reported that his daughter is a transgender person.


Next week his book “We, trans” will be published – a collection of interviews with transgender people, as well as with their parents, psychologist, lawyer, activist and priest.

They are of different ages, have different interests, education, work in different professions, and study. And yet they have a lot in common – they are transgender. They are constantly accompanied by fear, loneliness and a sense of being lost. They suffer from depression and often attempt suicide. They are hurt by the lack of tolerance and understanding in society. And they want so little: to live a normal life

Jacoń told about the book on TVN24. He admitted that he had little idea of ​​being transgender. That changed in September 2020 when his daughter announced she was transgender. – It seemed to me that I was open, tolerant and quite educated. Then the door opened to me, behind which a reality, however unknown, appeared to me – he recalled.

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– It is important: to be aware of how little you know, and not to pretend that you know and approach transgenderism and people within the scope of your supposed knowledge – he added.

Jacoń pointed out that the problem with transgenderism is, among other things, that “the same kids do not know how it is with them”. – The fact that my child said about it at the age of 20 is because at the age of 20 he matured to this awareness. It was looking for itself and did not find it. It thought very differently about itself – he said.

When asked what transgender meant to him now, he replied that “it is a body-soul incompatibility”, a situation in which a girl is born into a boy’s body and “struggles with herself”. He sensitized that transgenderism is not always the first thought. – Very often it’s looking around sexuality. These kids are wondering if I’m a lesbian or if I’m bisexual. It is this type of thinking – he explained.

He added that “thinking about being transgender is on the shelf above”. “It’s not a question of sexuality, but of gender identity,” he said.

Piotr Jacoń in the TVN24 studioTVN24

Speaking of his book, Jacoń explained that he wrote it “as he would like to take himself on the road to understanding transgender”. – These are conversations that I would like to read myself, talk to other parents of transgender people, because I can also find myself in these stories – he described.

Piotr Jacoń’s book “We, trans”TVN24

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