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Piotr Kraśko, conversation with US senators Chris Coons and Mike Rounds. “You are a bulwark of freedom for the whole world”

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Thank you for accepting millions of Ukrainian refugees, for being a trusted and loyal partner and ally in NATO, said Senator Chris Coons from the Democratic Party on TVN24 BiS. Mike Rounds, a Republican senator from South Dakota, assured that Ukraine will not be left without US help and that this support will be “bipartisan.”

– We are very committed to partnership with Poland – said Chris Coons, a Democratic senator from the state of Delaware, in an interview with Piotr Kraśka. – We will work tirelessly to provide additional support for Ukraine, to support what Poland is doing for Ukraine, because you are literally a bulwark of freedom for the whole world, he said.

Coons mentioned that he and Rounds visited Ukrainian refugees in Poland. He said that the meeting with them was a reminder of “how urgent it is for the United States to continue to maintain Poland’s defense as a NATO ally and support Ukraine (in its fight against Russian aggression).”

Piotr Kraśka’s guests: Chris Coons and Mike Rounds

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Ukraine is still waiting for US support

Republican Party Senator Mike Rounds, answering a question about the situation in Congress and further financial aid for Ukraine, replied that “there is no doubt that there is very solid support to put together an aid package for Ukraine.” In this context, he recalled the existing problem related to the defense of the southern borders of the USA. – This is an internal problem, a clash between members of Congress and the administration, it is nothing unusual – he added.

As Rounds pointed out, “Chris and I are from different parties, but we are united in that we recognize how important this issue is.”

– There are people in the US Senate and the House of Representatives who understand how important NATO is and how important support for Ukraine is, he maintained. – We will put together this package, it will take some time, we are currently processing it, we cannot say that it will happen in 24 or 48 hours, but this package will – said the Republican. – We will do it on a bipartisan basis, with very good support from both Republicans and Democrats, Rounds emphasized.

Mike Rounds on further aid to Ukraine: we will put this package together TVN24

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The issue of Poland’s security

Piotr Kraśko recalled that when the US president Joe Biden visited Poland, he repeatedly said that it was safe and that Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty made it safe United States they will support Poland.

– Is this a promise only of Biden, or of every president? – asked Kraśko. “This is both a promise from our current President Biden and the American people,” the Democrat replied. He recalled that the bill signed by Biden includes a provision that no president can voluntarily withdraw the United States from NATO without the consent of the Senate.

Addressing the representative of the Republican Party, the host mentioned the recently disclosed conversation of the then US president Donald Trump with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. This conversation was to take place in 2020, and Trump allegedly told von der Leyen that he would “never come to the aid of Europeans when they are attacked.”

Will this be the future of American diplomacy if the Republican wins (the fight for the White House – ed.) – Kraśko asked.

– We respect the treaties we have signed – Rounds replied. In response to Trump’s comment that “NATO is dead,” the Republican said: “The former president can speak on his own behalf.” The last time he (Trump – ed.) was in office, he told everyone and pushed them to do what they could for NATO. Poland did just that, said the Republican, bearing in mind that Poland spent about 4 percent of GDP on defense.

“I firmly believe that the overwhelming majority of Americans understand that the United States is stronger with its allies,” Mike Rounds maintained.

– We want to say that we are grateful for your partnership. There are 50 countries that have joined forces to support Ukraine. Poland has made a huge contribution to this, said Chris Coons.

Meeting with Duda and Sikorski

Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine was also the subject of talks between Senators Coons and Rounds with the president Andrzej Duda. Politicians also talked about the development of the Three Seas Initiative, as well as Polish-American relations.

The senators also met with the head of Polish diplomacy, Radosław Sikorski. The topic of their conversation was Poland’s cooperation with the USA and the situation related to… war in Ukrainesupport for Kiev, as well as security in Europe.

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