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Piotr Szczęsny set himself on fire in front of the Palace of Culture and Science. The fourth anniversary of the tragedy

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Four years have passed since Piotr Szczęsny’s self-immolation at Plac Defilad in Warsaw. On Tuesday, a ceremony commemorating the tragedy took place in front of the Palace of Culture and Science. People from the world of culture, as well as the wife of the deceased, appeared there. – Being here is very difficult for me, it is even scary, but I cannot imagine that I would not be here today – admitted Ewa Negrusz-Szczęsna. A demonstration commemorating the events of the past was also organized in Wrocław.

Tuesday is the fourth anniversary of the self-immolation of 54-year-old Piotr Szczęsny in front of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The man protested against the Law and Justice policy. He died ten days after these events in a hospital in Warsaw.


Fourth anniversary of Piotr Szczęsny’s self-immolation

On that day, a performance commemorating these tragic events took place in front of the Palace of Culture and Science. Symbolic candles were also lit in Plac Defilad. The director, Agnieszka Holland, was also present.

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Artistic performance commemorating Piotr SzczęsnyTVN24

As she assessed in an interview with a TVN24 reporter, the expression of the short performance, which took place on the stairs of the palace, was “dignified, beautiful and appropriate”. – We all had the impression that what Piotr Szczęsny left us as a kind of will sounds not only current, but it does not match these threats and crimes, we can say which the current authorities have committed in the meantime and are still committing – she said.

– I don’t know what has to happen for us to wake up and see that we are going towards the abyss as a society, as a community, as a nation – she added.

Candles were lit in front of the Palace of Culture and ScienceTVN24

The actress, Maja Komorowska, who was there, decided that “today’s meeting is very important”. She noted that the wife of the tragically deceased, Ewa Negrusz-Szczęsna, also appeared. – I think it is also very important to her that we remember – assessed the actress, adding that “Piotr’s act, his manifesto, is up-to-date”.

Negrusz-Szczęsna: being here is very difficult for me, even scary

Negrusz-Szczęsna admitted that this day was “very special, very sad” for her. – This is the fourth anniversary, but it seems like yesterday – said the wife of the deceased Piotr Szczęsny.

“Being here is very difficult for me, it’s downright scary, but I can’t imagine I’m not here today,” she added. She also pointed out that her husband’s manifesto was “up to date”. “Every point, every word,” she said.

The woman said that in Poland “there are many people who remember and read Piotr’s manifesto”. – This message will certainly be noticed and that is what Piotr meant. I think it is the fulfillment of his will, his will – she added.

Commemorative manifestation in Wrocław

The tragic events from four years ago were commemorated on Tuesday also during the demonstration of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy in Wrocław. About 20 people took part in it and lit candles. The chairman of the Wrocław KOD, Krzysztof Niciejewski, recalled the events from years ago.

Piotr Szczęsny set himself on fire in front of the Palace of Culture and Science

54-year-old Piotr Szczęsny set himself on fire in front of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw on October 19, 2017. The witnesses of the event described that a scream was heard, and people ran towards the Palace of Culture and Science, calling for help. The firefighters were the first to reach the scene. The man was unconscious. In critical condition, he was taken to hospital, where he died on Sunday, October 29.

Before arson, he handed out leaflets to passers-by, writing down 15 reasons for his protest. The leaflets also included an appeal “to all Polish women and Poles, those who decide who governs Poland, to oppose what the current government is doing and what it is protesting against.”

The gray man7.11 | The story of Piotr Szczęsny. Above average intelligent, calm, down-to-earth and always asking for meaning. This is what family and friends say about him, emphasizing that this is why they did not suspect that he could take his own life. They are not surprised that freedom was extremely important to him. After the fall of communism, he trained Poles on what rights they have in a free country, how to use them and why it is important. This was also about his farewell letter to the Poles. Letter signed Gray Man. Gray Man, meaning who? Leszek Dawidowicz talked about this with Piotr Szczęsny’s relatives. tvn24

Main photo source: TVN24

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