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PiS announced another referendum question. Robert Biedroń reacts, publishes a letter from EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson

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Robert Biedroń, MEP, one of the leaders of the New Left, stated that the third referendum question, concerning illegal migration, “is a fake”. He announced that he had received a letter from Ylva Johansson, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs. – In writing and firmly answers – the forced relocation mechanism is voluntary. Any country that is subject to immigration pressure can be exempt from this relocation, he said.

Law and Justice started the action of presenting further referendum questions on Friday. The referendum would be held with electionswhich the president Andrzej Duda ordered on October 15.

The first question will be: “Do you support the sale of state-owned enterprises?”second – “Are you in favor of raising the retirement age to 60 for women and 65 for men today?”.

Third question will be: Do you support the admission of thousands of illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Africa, according to the forced relocation mechanism imposed by the European bureaucracy?

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The draft EU regulation on migrants, which is still at the stage of work, does not assume the forced admission of migrants, which was explained by the EU Commissioner herself, as well as TVN24 correspondent in Brussels, Maciej Sokołowski.

Biedroń: Prime Minister Morawiecki, checkmate

MEP Robert Biedron said at a conference in Wrocław that the third referendum question “is a fake”. – And I wanted to say, Prime Minister Morawiecki, checkmate. Well, today, it so happens, I got a reply from Mrs. Ylva Johansson, Commissioner for Home Affairs of the European Union, who gave a clear answer to my question about the forced relocation of refugees, he informed.

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– In writing and firmly answers – the forced relocation mechanism is voluntary. Any country that is subject to immigration pressure can be exempted from this relocation. And the Commissioner clearly and distinctly writes in this letter (that) because Poland has received about a million refugees from Ukraine due to the tragic war in Ukraine, the Polish government may apply for an exemption from forced relocation. And as the Commissioner writes, this request will probably be considered positively by the Polish government. So the referendum question, Mr. Kaczyński, Mr. Morawiecki, is unnecessary. You can throw them in the trash today. We have it in writing, he added.

Biedroń on the third question in the referendum: Prime Minister Morawiecki, checkmateTVN24

The letter from the EU Commissioner Biedroń was also published on Twitter.

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