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PiS announces free medicines for young and seniors. “I feel like this is an election stunt”

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Among the PiS election promises was the slogan “free medicines” for people aged 65 plus and for children and teenagers. It is worth checking the situation with “free drugs” for people 75 plus and what doctors think about Jarosław Kaczyński’s announcements.

Before the election, the patient gift bag was untied. Jarosław Kaczyński announced free medicines for people over 65 and for young people – up to 18 years of age. However, when it comes to young patients, it turns out that PiS did not promise much, because standard drugs for this group, for example, reimbursed antibiotics, are not expensive right now. – I do not have the impression that parents have a problem with buying medicines for children because of their price or because they cannot afford it – says Dr. Wojciech Feleszko, a pediatrician and immunologist from the Medical University of Warsaw.

The greatest financial burden for families at the moment is the treatment of children affected by severe, chronic diseases. – This is a small group and most of them are also patients covered by programs in which they receive these drugs at very preferential or low prices, so I have the impression that this is an election shell – adds Dr. Feleszko.

What about seniors?

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Jarosław Kaczyński also promises little to senior patients. Theoretically, for several years, people aged 75 plus have been receiving free medicines. However, just theoretically. Jadwiga Federowicz is 83 years old. – I spend about PLN 300 a month on medicines, unfortunately, despite the free ones – he says.

These are medications that are prescribed by a doctor. In fact, seniors aged 75+ get only some medicines for free, and not the latest ones. – The newer ones, in atrial fibrillation, for example, are simply not reimbursed, so it is often the case that patients stop them simply for financial reasons, and not everyone can take these old drugs, because they require a lot of self-discipline – explains Jakub Kosikowski from Naczelna of the Medical Council.

As Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski calculates, the list of free 75 plus drugs includes only one-fifth of all drugs on the market. This is only about 180 medicinal substances. The same will probably be the case with patients aged 65 plus.

800 plus instead of 500 plus, free medicines and more. Jarosław Kaczyński presented the new PiS programKatarzyna Skalska/Facts after noon TVN24

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The dishonesty lies in the slogan “free drugs from the age of 65”, which implies that all drugs will be free for this group. – Some drugs, it should probably be said that there will be subsidies for some drugs. Then, in my opinion, this would be the right term, because today the 75 plus program looks like this – says Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski, an immunologist and expert of the Supreme Medical Council for epidemic threats.

According to experts, the promised co-financing for medicines could be spent with greater benefit for patients. – The key to this program should be the patient’s material status, not age, because we know people who are not 40 years old and do not have the money to buy medicines, so this age is, in my opinion, a trap here. Because, on the other hand, we know people in their 60s who have so much money that they could fund part of this program, says Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski.

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