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PiS Convention “Programowy Ul”. Jarosław Kaczyński: this meeting is a moment of conclusion

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Today’s meeting is what could be called a moment of conclusion. We called it the beehive because it is a symbol of hard work. And we need this job very much – said the party’s president Jarosław Kaczyński on Saturday during the convention “Programowy Ul. of Law and Justice”.

On Saturday before noon, a two-day convention “Programowy Ul of Law and Justice” began in Warsaw with the participation of the president of PiS Jarosław Kaczyński and most important politicians of the group. The chief of staff, MEP Tomasz Poręba said that the name of the convention is not accidental. – Sociological research shows that one of the main advantages of PiS in the eyes of Poles is diligence. Many opposition voters also think so, he said.

Kaczyński, who spoke at the convention, said that “now we have taken a special path, a special set of meetings that are to relate to our future, the future for the coming years, in short, to our program”.

– Such a road must have its nodal points, it must have moments of conclusion – he added. – Today’s meeting is something that could be called such a moment, a moment of conclusion, such a knot on this road – said the PiS president.

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President of PiS: The street is a symbol of hard work

– We called it the hive. Some might say why? Well, the beehive is a symbol of hard work. And we really, really need this job – he said. – We need this work so that, sticking to this comparison, this honey, because honey is made in hives, there would be as much as possible. And what is equally important, and perhaps even more important, is that it be good, very good, he added. He stressed that “we have undertaken this work”.

As he said, 10 panels are planned for the convention. Three of them, he said, concern economic matters, five – social issues, and two – political issues.

– Three of the panels concern economic issues. The first, the general one, is the economy in general. Its leader is the prime minister (Mateusz) Morawiecki. The second is agriculture, (…) the leader is Minister (Robert) Telus. The third is energy security, (…) the leader is the deputy prime minister (Jack) Sasin – said the PiS leader.

He added that among the five panels, which in a broader sense can be called social, there is, among others, the family panel, whose leader will be Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

– There is a health panel whose leader is the minister (Adam) Sunday. (…) There will also be a three-panel, I treat it as three, where the main leader is the one who leads cultural policy – the deputy prime minister (Peter) Glinski – pointed out the head of PiS. He added that the head of the Ministry of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, is in charge of education. Kaczyński also said that there are two political panels. – The first is security, (…) its leader is Prime Minister (Mariusz) Błaszczak. There is also foreign policy and Minister (Zbigniew) Rau, said the PiS president.

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