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PiS family picnics. Dariusz Joński and Krzysztof Śmiszek about financing

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MPs Dariusz Joński and Krzysztof Śmiszek discussed the informal election campaign and PiS picnics financed from public money in “Fakty po Faktach”. – Law and Justice feels like a donut in butter, because it spends government money from budgetary reserves and ministerial funds – noted Śmiszek. – The time of reckoning will come. I give my word that we will settle them – assured Joński.

The president has until August 14 to announce the date of the parliamentary elections. Andrzej Duda has not yet communicated this decision to the public, but at a Monday meeting with voters in Tarczyn signed the act on increasing the 500 plus benefit to PLN 800.

The fact that the law has only just been signed has not prevented the government from organizing picnics with taxpayers’ money to advertise the law in recent weeks. There are as many as a dozen such picnics every weekend, promoting the government program, which will come into force only in 2024.

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As the members of the Civic Coalition checked, each such event costs about PLN 100,000.

Jarosław Kaczyński during the Picnic of Law and Justice in StawiskaArtur Reszko/PAP

The financing of PiS picnics, even before the announcement of the election campaign, was commented on in the Monday edition of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 by MPs: Dariusz Joński (Civic Coalition) and Krzysztof Śmiszek (Left).

The program quoted Sunday’s statement by PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński, who argued in Chełm that “there is no longer any freedom in the West.” – Remember, here we are one of the last centers of freedom in Europe and our entire Euro-American world. And that is why it is worth defending, our position as an island of freedom and democracy, said Kaczyński.

Joński: I know what Kaczyński is playing for

Joński, commenting on these words, said that “President Kaczyński meant freedom for his people”. – This island of freedom is to be an island for PiS politicians, because if they lose the elections in these 70 days, many of them will have to answer for it all criminally – he assessed.

– I know what Kaczyński is playing for. He’s not just playing for seats and money. And it is also about that we regain this Poland for all Poles, so that the law applies to everyone, he noted. – I think Kaczyński knows that if he loses power, many of them may lose their ‘freedom’ – he added.

The deputy noted that “the time of reckoning will come”. “I give you my word we’ll hold them accountable,” he said.

Joński: Kaczyński plays not only for seats and money, because he has it todayTVN24

Śmiszek: Law and Justice treats the state budget as a bottomless pit

Śmiszek, in turn, assessed that Jarosław Kaczyński “understands freedom as the possibility of mistreating others, as the possibility of scaring others, as imposing one’s worldview and looking for scapegoats who will be indicated as guilty of limiting freedom.”

– I am deeply convinced that the democratic opposition will take power in two months and freedom will be watched by Kaczyński, Ziobro, Morawiecki, Sasin and others from behind bars, because that’s what they deserve. That’s eight years of destroying the state, eight years of siphoning off public money, eight years of trampling and tarnishing the constitution,” he said. “After these eight years, it’s time to settle accounts,” he concluded.

The MP explained that “everyone who takes power, who receives an honorable mandate from citizens to rule, must be aware of one thing: that every slip, and especially a premeditated action against Poland, will be accounted for.”

Referring to the PiS picnics, Śmiszek commented that “it’s one big political hoax”. – Today Law and Justice treats the state budget as a bottomless well from which you can draw and draw – he said. He assessed that “in fact, the campaign is in full swing.” “Today, you can’t tell a campaign from a pre-campaign,” he pointed out.

He noted that citizens are joining the “running circus of Law and Justice”.

In his opinion, the State Election Commission “should have reacted a long time ago.” – Civic Platform, the Left and PSL organize field meetings from their own contributions, budgetary funds and donations. Law and Justice feels like a donut in butter because it spends government money from budgetary reserves and ministerial funds, he noted.

Śmiszek: after eight years, it's time to settle accounts

Śmiszek: after eight years, it’s time to settle accountsTVN24

Main photo source: Artur Reszko/PAP

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