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PiS has a candidate for the president of Warsaw. “Rocky was also unknown before the first fight with Apollo Creed”

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Two months before the local elections, PiS is running a candidate for the mayor of Warsaw. Third Road convinces existing PiS voters to switch their votes to it, and the Left is organizing its electoral staff after failing to reach an agreement with the Civic Coalition on a joint start.

If PiS fielded a well-known politician in Warsaw – for example Mariusz Kamiński – it would mean that the party really wants to fight for the presidency in the capital. However, the candidate is different. This is Tomasz Bocheński, who himself tried to wittily comment on the fact that he is a completely unknown character. – Rocky was also unknown before the first fight with Apollo Creed – he said. It turned out to be a bit unfortunate, because at the same time the media reported the death of the actor who played Apollo Creed in the movie “Rocky”.

Bocheński is a lawyer. For several months he was the voivode of Masovia and then the voivode of Łódź. In the latter position, the Civic Platform links him with the visa scandal. – The Łódź voivodeship office is the one that issued the most work permits for foreigners – informs Michał Szczerba, MP of the Civic Coalition.

PiS politicians say that Andrzej Duda was also unknown, but he became president. However, in Warsaw, Trzaskowski won against Patryk Jaki in the first round. – There are always chances in elections – says Marek Suski, MP from Law and Justice.

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The PiS candidate criticizes Rafał Trzaskowski. – Many stories about PiS are bad, PiS has very sharp fangs – says Bocheński. The diagnosis is that Trzaskowski is neglecting the city because he is interested in national politics. Trzaskowski’s critics have so far accused him of an excess of simultaneous investments rather than a lack of them.

Rafał Trzaskowski, in turn, recently emphasized that the Civic Coalition is running in the local elections independently and has great ambitions. – We, as the Civic Coalition, want to win in all regions. We want to win in all cities, in all towns, he said.

Local government elections are the first test of the new governmentTVN24

More and more is known about the other candidates

“There are no better candidates than the candidates of the Left” – this is how Robert Biedroń, MEP of the Left, reacted to the question about the PiS candidate. However, there is still no official candidate from the Left to fight for the presidency of Warsaw.

Magdalena Biejat, deputy speaker of the Senate, expressed her willingness to run in the elections from the Left. However, when asked, Biedroń did not want to confirm her candidacy. – I think that the editor has a good idea who will be the natural candidate, but you will allow me to turn this feeling into declarations after some time – he assured.

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After the national council, the left invites urban and left-wing movements to join the coalition. He is also creating an action plan after Donald Tusk resigned from the electoral coalition with the Left. – Of course we’re not happy about it. It happened as it happened – comments Paweł Krutul, voivode of Podlasie. – It is always worth going in a larger group – adds Beata Moskal-Słaniewska, mayor of Świdnica.

It is known that Jacek Sutryk, the mayor of Wrocław, will run with the support of the Left. The platform decided to support Aleksandra Dulkiewicz in Gdańsk. She also presented candidates for presidents of Zabrze and Kielce. The PiS candidate in Szczecin will be the former West Pomeranian Voivode – Zbigniew Bogucki. He will fight with long-time president Piotr Krzystek.

– This is a real question for PiS voters today: whether it is still worth supporting this formation. A formation that is in retreat. A formation that is in a leadership crisis – says Michał Kobosko, MP of the Third Way. In this way, the Third Way seeks votes from the right. The People’s Party and Szymon Hołownia’s formation are going to the elections together.

Main photo source: PAP/Paweł Supernak

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