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PiS hopes that Przemysław Czarnek will dominate the meetings of the investigative committee on envelope elections

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An investigative commission into envelope elections was established without any opposition. The clubs also presented candidates who would work there. PiS is counting on, among others, Przemysław Czarnek and Waldemar Buda. Civic Coalition for Dariusz Joński and Jacek Karnowski. The other clubs will also have representatives on the committee.

All MPs who were present in the plenary on Thursday voted for the establishment of an investigative commission into the envelope elections. – We will not allow you to dictate who of our representatives will be on this committee. This is our right. If this commission is legal, we will still be in favor of it and we will participate in it. Today we vote for conditional – said Przemysław Czarnek, MP from Law and Justice.

However, it was not a coincidence that Przemysław Czarnek had so much to say about the commission. The politician was among four candidates nominated by PiS for the committee. The MP was not in the government during the envelope elections. – You may like him, you may dislike him, but you can consider his candidacy. I will recommend to my colleagues that we adopt the principle: if anyone was in the Law and Justice government, he should not sit on the investigative commission. This should be a certain rule that we follow, because it will soon turn out that Ziobro and Kamiński will be members of the investigative committee in the Pegasus case, points out Tomasz Trela, an MP from the Left.

PiS, apart from Przemysław Czarnek, also appointed Waldemar Buda, Paweł Jabłoński and Mariusz Krystian to the committee. In turn, the Civic Coalition sent three MPs. The candidate for its head is Dariusz Joński. In turn, Jacek Karnowski – former president of Sopot – is knowledgeable in local government matters, and Magdalena Filiks effectively pointed out the activities of PiS and Solidarna Polska in the State Forests. The remaining clubs sent one representative to the committee. Resolving staffing doubts will begin next week.

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Candidates for the investigative committee on envelope electionsFakty TVN/Sejm.gov.pl

– These reservations will probably be considered by the Presidium of the Sejm on Monday, so that on December 12 in the afternoon, after the election of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, it will be possible to appoint the composition of the first investigative commission – says Szymon Hołownia, Speaker of the Sejm.

When are the first auditions?

PiS is talking about three people who are supposed to discourage the parliamentary majority from creating further committees. There is such a desire, but PiS hopes that, above all, Przemysław Czarnek will dominate the commission’s work, just as he tried to dominate the debate about it on Thursday.

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The politician blamed the then opposition, although it was not the opposition that organized envelope elections without appropriate regulations, it was not the then opposition that issued money and instructions to the post office, and the post office – in a compromising way – tried to force local governments to cooperate. – My office received an e-mail from Poczta Polska ordering the transfer of data of Ciechanów residents without any signature, no one signed it from Poczta Polska – says Krzysztof Kosiński, mayor of Ciechanów.

Jacek Sasin will probably be summoned before the committee. – If the commission meets the conditions of an investigative commission, i.e. it will be an investigative commission within the meaning of the act that regulates it, then of course neither I nor any representative of Law and Justice will refrain from appearing before the commission – assures the politician.

– This time of work, analysis of documents, it takes a good dozen or so days to prepare all this. I think the first hearings will take place in January, says MP Joński. The report on the findings of the investigative committee on envelope elections is to be ready before the local government elections.

Parliamentary committee of inquiry into Pegasus. Płatek: in the Sejm we have a chance to explain to people what happened with a human voice TVN24

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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