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PiS is fighting windmills. “Who is the author of this bill? Who prepared it? Which lobbyist?”

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The liberalization of the rules for the construction of onshore wind farms arouses emotions among politicians. The new law is promoted by the entire new parliamentary majority. PiS is looking for a scandal, threatening that Poles will be expropriated to build wind farms.

This is the landscape after PiS rule – says the team taking power. It’s about energy costs and the complete collapse of obtaining it from renewable sources. Hence the act and its provisions facilitating the acquisition of energy from wind.

– There is one purpose of this act. Provide Poles with cheap and clean energy, rebuild Polish energy sovereignty – explains Paulina Hennig-Kloska from Poland 2050. The MP tipped to be the new Minister of Climate explains that the act will allow the construction of windmills only with the consent of the local government and after social consultations, and will also make the distance of windmills dependent on buildings from the noise they produce. The minimum distance from a windmill to multi-family buildings, i.e. urban buildings, is 300 meters, and from single-family and rural buildings – 400 meters. These are the conditions for the quietest devices. Those that are most often built in Poland will be able to be more than 500 meters away from houses. – We want to ensure that no more noise reaches our homes than the noise generated by the proverbial refrigerator in our kitchen – explains Paulina Hennig-Kloska.

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The new law is promoted by the entire new parliamentary majority. PiS raises the alarm. There are words about a “controversial bill”. The Prime Minister thunders about the scandal. PiS is threatening that the law will allow the expropriation of people and the taking of their land. According to Polish law, no private company can expropriate anyone. PiS is going ahead and wants the prosecutor’s office and the Central Anticorruption Bureau to deal with the project and its authors. – Who is the author of this bill? Who prepared? Which lobbyist? – asks Krzysztof Szczucki from PiS.

Hennig-Kloska on changes regarding windmillsTVN24 Business

PiS against renewable energy

Recent years have seen a virtual collapse of the use of renewable energy sources in Poland. The construction of wind farms was blocked by United Right MPs. In order to increase their distance from buildings to 700 meters, the amendment was written by hand so that it could be voted on.

– They are absolute opponents of renewable energy sources – says Dariusz Klimczak, PSL MP. As a result, Poland has been almost completely dependent on coal for years. Nuclear power plants are a dream of the future. Energy from wind and sun is a guarantee of clean and cheap energy. – As long as we want to get rid of coal-fired energy, and we do, windmills are necessary and windmills can be built relatively quickly – emphasizes Prof. Szymon Malinowski from the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw, the Polish Academy of Sciences and the website Naukoklimacie.pl.

The first reading of the new act will take place soon at a parliamentary committee. The authors announce corrections. – We did not think that our intentions would be so misunderstood and this needs to be clarified – emphasizes Paulina Hennig-Kloska.

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