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PiS is supposedly looking for MPs to represent the majority, but this is not visible. “No one talks to them, not even the Confederation”

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Democratic opposition parties negotiate a coalition agreement and the division of responsibilities in parliament and government every day. PiS claims that they are also conducting talks, but they do not want to say who they are talking to.

There is a series going on in PiS called “coalition talks” or “winning MPs to your side”, which is also apparently taking place. Apparently, because no one has been willing to say who the authorities are talking to or who they want to convince for several days. PiS MPs say they will not participate in discussions aimed at developing theories. But who should be asked about this, since even Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki himself talks about it? – They don’t have a majority, they have a club of less than 200 people. Nobody talks to them, not even the Confederation. Nobody takes Mateusz Morawiecki seriously – assures Borys Budka, MP of the Civic Coalition.

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In the opposition, which will have a majority in the new Sejm, it would be in vain to look for anyone who would take seriously the stories told by representatives of the ruling party about recruiting new MPs. – They have been diving in such a political cesspool, in such an ethical cesspool for so many years. Here they found people from the opposition who simply do not go to this cesspool – notes Barbara Nowacka, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

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Internal cracks

There are even tips to look at how much you can lose rather than gain. – Prime Minister Morawiecki, who will soon cease to be prime minister, should really start counting the swords in his own political camp – warns Miłosz Motyka, a politician of the Third Way and PSL.

The United Right may fall apart on its own. The question arises whether representatives of Zbigniew Ziobro’s camp will pack up and leave the PiS club. As RMF FM journalists report, the United Right is increasingly divided and Ziobroists may not support Mateusz Morawiecki’s government. Then PiS would be 55 votes short of the parliamentary majority. – This party, this club, is not able to maintain the same composition until the end of this term – says Miłosz Motyka.

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– After all, Prime Minister Morawiecki was called a “mischief” by his coalition partners. These are not the words of the opposition, these are the words of the coalition partner, notes Anna Maria Żukowska, an MP from the New Left. For the politicians of the new parliamentary majority, the matter is clear – PiS is playing for time. – We have this period of vegetation and only stuffing documents into shredders and taking care of things for our own people – explains Katarzyna Lubnauer from the Civic Coalition. This game will last at least until November 13, because the chances that the president will appoint a candidate for prime minister before the first session of the Sejm of the new term are at best illusory.

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