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PiS lacks ideas for a campaign

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The moment for a Chief of Staff to resign is probably always inappropriate and difficult, and the reasons and motivation for leaving must be strong. So what is behind Tomasz Poręba’s final decision? Is it just criticism of former colleagues, or lack of an idea for the campaign in the face of the offensive of the main rival?

Four months before the parliamentary elections, a week before a large party convention, the chief of staff of Law and Justice announced his resignation in social media, informing that he submitted his resignation after careful consideration to Jarosław Kaczyński.

“Although it has not been accepted, it remains a final decision for me. Today, someone with new emotions and energy is needed in this position. He will become a wall behind him,” PiS MEP Tomasz Poręba wrote on Twitter on Friday evening.

In politics, it’s one of those decisions that shows where a party is. – We had two voices, we had duality. One could have the impression that there were two electoral staffs: one at Prime Minister Morawiecki, the other at Nowogrodzka – assesses prof. Agnieszka Kasińska-Metryka, political scientist from the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.

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– Probably, President Kaczyński does not want to allow a situation where Poręba will fight Morawiecki, Morawiecki will fight someone else, and in addition Duda will be involved, there is also the Szydło faction, and there is also Brudziński – believes Dr. political marketing.

Criticism of former PiS spin doctors

The moment is even more special because in exactly one week’s time the United Right is to show strength and unity at the next program convention. – It was supposed to be a great manifestation of PiS people and – from what I heard – Poręba said that he would not be able to assemble such a large manifestation, so he was asked to at least organize a large rally and there were also problems with it – says Oczkoś.

– There were no mistakes, but changes are always needed, because there is only one goal, and the goal is to win the elections – comments Minister of Development Waldemar Buda.

Although Law and Justice politicians today talk about gratitude to MEP Poręba, and Minister Waldemar Buda argues that the staff did not make mistakes, the decision to resign cannot be combined with the media settlements from last week, when Tomasz Poręba was openly criticized by former PiS staff members – MEP Adam Bielan and advisor to the president Marcin Mastalerek.

– We all realize that we will not win the 2023 elections with the 2015 campaign – said Bielan. – There are four months to the elections, PiS is on the defensive and should clearly say: yes, we have made mistakes – said Mastalerek.

The fact that the party was not prepared for Donald Tusk’s offensive was a serious mistake. On Wednesday, an urgent meeting of the Law and Justice club was held in the Sejm. Unofficial information that President Kaczyński was to call for a restart of the campaign was confirmed by the Minister of Sport and Tourism, Kamil Bortniczuk. – The campaign needs a restart – this is the word President Kaczyński used when addressing deputies and senators – admitted the politician.

“PiS has no idea for this campaign”

On Thursday, the presidium of the party’s political committee met at the PiS headquarters at Nowogrodzka Street, and the next day – late in the evening – Tomasz Poręba announced his decision. – There are really very high tensions there, and the matter is clear: if you win, everyone is focused on the boss who is doing great, because he wins, and when you lose, trouble begins – judges Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska, member of the Civic Platform.

The ruling opposition is not spared. He talks about lack of ideas and about defensiveness.

– I am not surprised Mr. Poręba that he is escaping from the sinking ship – says Stanisław Tyszka, MP of the Confederation. – The king is naked, it is obvious that PiS has no idea for this campaign – assesses Robert Biedroń, MEP of the Left. – The 800 plus effect did not work as PiS wished, KPO is still in the freezer in the Constitutional Tribunal, which does not want to argue – adds Piotr Zgorzelski, deputy speaker of the Senate from the Polish People’s Party.

The more the opposition predicts an impending defeat for the rulers, the louder the rulers argue that nothing has happened. – The ship of Law and Justice sails to a safe port for Poland, although it is attacked by various U-boats – assures Ryszard Czarnecki, PiS MEP. – Staff changes are natural. I used to be the chief of the election staff myself, replacing another chief of the election staff during the victorious campaign of the late Lech Kaczyński – emphasizes Zbigniew Ziobro, leader of Sovereign Poland.

– Let’s read Poręba’s statement carefully. He writes that there is no new idea, no new emotion. In simple words, he writes that everything screamed out and died, and he does not know what to do next – points out Paweł Kowal, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

“I do not speak for your television, because you are propagandists” – this is how Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin did not want to comment on the departure of the chief of staff, although he found time for another television station on exactly the same topic.

Loaf: the dogs bark, the caravan moves onTVN24

Questions about the new chief of staff

PiS politicians do not want to talk about who will head the staff. – It will be announced in the near future, but I will not announce it now – said Marcin Horała, Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy.

Spokesman for Law and Justice Rafał Bochenek on Tuesday, responding to the criticism of former staff members, assured that he did not foresee any changes in the current staff. – We are in the composition in which we were appointed by the Political Committee of Law and Justice and we work, we carry out subsequent tasks – he argued.

Meanwhile, three days after Bochenek’s speech, the chief of staff announced his resignation, and the spokesman himself, in a commentary for the Polish Press Agency, assured that the resignation did not affect the continuity of the staff’s operation or the planned calendar, and also confirmed his determination to win the elections.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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