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PiS leadership on preparations for the election year. Ryszard Terlecki: We already have a president quite up and running

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The leadership of Law and Justice met on Monday at the party’s headquarters to discuss “all the most important current topics,” said Ryszard Terlecki, head of the PiS club. The conversation is also to concern “various decisions and preparations” related to the election year that has just begun. He also spoke about the health of President Jarosław Kaczyński.

At the headquarters PIS The first meeting of the party’s presidium this year is held on Monday at Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw. In front of the entrance, the head of the PiS club and the deputy marshal of the Sejm spoke with journalists Richard Terlecki. He said that “all the most important current issues” are to appear at the meeting. – But also talk about the beginning of the election year. Various decisions and preparations have to be made, he said.

Asked if the case of villa plus will appear among the current topics, he replied: – I think so. He added that President Kaczyński “of course” knows this matter.

Terlecki also spoke about the upcoming session of the Sejm, which will include the bill on changes in the judiciary with the Senate’s amendments. We will reject them together. Windmills will probably also go to the Sejm, there will be a stormy session, he said.

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Terlecki: today we already have a president quite up and running, at work

Terlecki also talked about preparations for the election campaign. – I go almost every weekend in Lesser Poland, in Łódź, in Podkarpacie – Terlecki enumerated in the conversation. – Now all deputies will start to travel, because the task we set before the party is to visit all communes – he announced.

When asked about the health of President Kaczyński, he admitted that “convalescence took a while”, but reminded that Kaczyński “has already been to the Sejm twice”. – Today we already have a president quite up and running, at work – added the head of the PiS club.

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