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PiS may lose its party subsidy. The National Electoral Commission has until mid-July to approve the report

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Will the National Electoral Commission pay for the campaign sins of the United Right? Millions from national forests, tens of millions from the Justice Fund. The expenses of the Government Legislation Center are under the microscope. The specter of an extremely severe punishment hangs over Law and Justice.

– I am convinced that it was financing of the election campaign – said Jerzy Fijas, deputy director general of the State Forests for sustainable forest management, at a press conference, talking about the unusual expenses of the State Forests in the previous year,

These are specific allegations supported by specific evidence. – What is most striking is the increase in the budget of the State Forests Information Center for media activities in 2023, and this is probably a record: by a thousand percent – emphasized Jerzy Fijas.

In total, for four years – from 2020 – the State Forests, when they were ruled by Law and Justice, spent over PLN 26 million on media activities aimed at promoting United Right politicians. Of course, in friendly media. – The record is broken by the weekly “Do Rzeczy”, it is almost PLN 2.5 million – said Jerzy Fijas.

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Money from the Government Legislation Center for private purposes

The head of the Government Legislation Center, and the candidate of Law and Justice to the Sejm, was to run a campaign with public money. – About PLN 1,200,000 for private purposes – says Jan Grabiec, MP of the Civic Coalition and head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

The prosecutor's office and, at the request of the head of the prime minister's office, the Central Anticorruption Bureau, became interested in this matter.

– Expenditures such as purchases of gadgets, expenses such as organizing meetings, which served Mr. Szczucki's campaign in his constituency, and not the standard, everyday activities of the Government Legislation Center – says Jan Grabiec.

– Everything was done within the limits and on the basis of the law, and the Government Legislation Center absolutely did not participate in my election campaign in any way – comments Law and Justice MP Krzysztof Szczucki.

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The CBA joined the Government Legislation Center

Instead of donating to crime victims, millions go to fire trucks and pots

Everything was done in accordance with the law – this is the narrative of United Right politicians, loudly repeated also in connection with the Justice Fund scandal. Millions of zlotys, instead of crime victims, went to fire trucks or pots during the election campaign.

– It was crazy. There was circumvention of electoral law and de facto consent to public money being money for the election campaign – says Krzysztof Gawkowski, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Affairs from the Left.

– They robbed the Polish state to use this money to create a campaign. If anyone is surprised that one of the four jumped on their lists, it didn't happen without a coincidence – comments Dariusz Joński from the Civic Coalition, who won a mandate to the European Parliament.

– They are taking revenge. They are not good at solving problems – I am thinking about Donald Tusk and his government – comments Law and Justice MP Mariusz Błaszczak.

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PiS's Byzantine mode of operation

Law and Justice may now have a problem – and a huge one at that – because its financial statements are being examined by the National Electoral Commission.

– The law is also clear: any financing outside the electoral committee is illegal – says Ryszard Kalisz, a member of the National Electoral Commission.

Illegal campaign financing may result in the withdrawal of millions of zlotys of grants and subsidies.

Is it possible to run a party without money? – NO. I mean, it's just very difficult. Especially such a party that has become accustomed to a certain Byzantine mode of operation – replies Katarzyna Piekarska, MP of the Civic Coalition.

The National Electoral Commission has until mid-July. Analyzes are currently ongoing. Her decision may be the beginning of gigantic problems in Law and Justice. A party can cope without political influence, popular leaders, and even without a program, but no party can cope without money.

Main photo source: TVN24

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