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PiS MP Joanna Lichocka sued Borys Budka. There is a verdict, the court dismissed the claim. KO MP comments

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The famous gesture of MP Lichocka, shown not to us, but to Poles, has become a symbol of contempt, a symbol of shoes and a symbol of the fact that this power does not care about the real needs of Poles – stated in “Fakty po Faktach” the head of the KO club Borys Budka. The MP spoke about the case from three years ago because of the lawsuit brought against him by a PiS MP. The court dismissed her claim today.

District Court in Gliwice today dismissed the lawsuit of PiS MP Joanna Lichockawho filed a lawsuit for the protection of personal rights of the chairman of the Civic Coalition club Borys Budka. She demanded the correction of the publication about her and the payment of PLN 20,000. It is about the events of February 2020, when the majority of the Sejm was against the Senate’s resolution to reject the amendment granting compensation in the amount of PLN 1.95 billion to TVP and Polish Radio.

In the parliamentary hall Lichocka made a gesture to her face with her hand with the middle finger extendedwhich outraged many MPs. Lichocka then assured that she only moved her finger under her eye twice “vigorously because she was nervous.”

The gesture of MP Lichocka “became a symbol of contempt, shoes”

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Budka was asked about this case in the Tuesday edition of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. – I only regret that there was no reflection, that fat billions are still being used for lies and propaganda in the government media, because let me remind you that the whole thing happened three years ago, when we proposed that instead of two billion a year, it is now three billion, on TVP, on government media, to allocate this money to help cancer patients – he replied.

– Then the famous gesture of MP Lichocka, shown not to us, but to Poles, became a symbol of contempt, a symbol of arrogance and a symbol of the fact that this power does not care about the real needs of Poles – assessed Budka.

He admitted that he did not feel “great satisfaction”. – Because I would really prefer that there would be a reflection on the part of those in power, and not such stubbornness and suing those who had good proposals – he explained.

According to Budka, “the whole absurdity of the situation is that it was a civil lawsuit for now.” – I have a private indictment waiting for me in the criminal court. Mrs. Lichocka thought that I would hide behind immunity, just like her party colleagues, but I waived my immunity, because I know that in this case it is obvious that she is the person who violated good manners, who showed this famous middle finger, he said.

Borys Budka and Joanna Lichocka in the District Court in GliwicePhoto from March 3, 2023PAP/Zbigniew Meissner

Booth: anyone who disagrees with the authorities can be attacked with their own money

The deputy pointed out that “it is enough to enter the word ‘gesture’ in any search engine, and there appears a hint, a hint of ‘Lichocka'”. – It is Mrs. Lichocka and the ruling camp, they have gone down in history, unfortunately, as symbols of contempt, symbols of arrogance, symbols of people who are able to spend any money on their own propaganda, and at the same time do not care for the needs of the most needy – he pointed out Shed.

– This is my only satisfaction that after three years (Lichocka) reminded herself of the gesture she showed the Poles – he admitted further. – The three billion that today are spent annually on government television is a whole machine that allows the rulers to deal with anyone who has a different opinion. It’s not just politicians, it’s not just that Donald Tuskwho is probably in the biggest crosshairs, but they were teachers, farmers, trainee doctors – he mentioned.

According to Budka, “anyone who disagrees with the authorities can be attacked for their own money, for taxpayers’ money, by government media.”

Main photo source: PAP/Marian Zubrzycki

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