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PiS MPs want universities to build shooting ranges. The opposition leaves the room during committee meetings

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On Tuesday, deputies from the parliamentary education committee dealt with a project concerning the construction of shooting ranges and other investments shaping patriotic attitudes at universities. – What do you want to build on campuses? – asked Katarzyna Lubnauer, an MP from the Civic Coalition. And after just over an hour of discussion, the opposition MPs left the meeting.

The full name of the project discussed on Tuesday afternoon by members of the parliamentary education committee is: “A parliamentary bill on investments in the construction of shooting ranges and other investments shaping patriotic attitudes and upbringing with a sense of responsibility for the Polish state, carried out by universities.

It was submitted to the Sejm on April 17, 2023 by a group PiS deputiesand PiS MP Urszula Rusecka is responsible for its presentations.

Who signed the bill facilitating the construction of shooting ranges

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Make it easier for universities

What do MEPs want? Making it easier for universities to build shooting ranges and “other investments shaping patriotic attitudes”. The applicants assure that it is about “simplifying the investment process” and “creating such legal solutions in the light of which the investor implementing the project (…) will be able to implement them as soon as possible, taking into account the interest of the individual as well as the interest specified in the act public.

What does this mean in practice? That in the case of university investments, the voivode will make key decisions. The justification reads: “According to the draft act, the higher-level authority in matters of permitting the implementation of the investment will be the minister competent for construction, spatial planning and development and housing.”

The governor has one month to issue a decision. The applicants argue: “It should be emphasized that the investment permit may be issued after the investor has obtained a decision on environmental conditions, in accordance with the Act on the provision of information on the environment and its protection, public participation in environmental protection and on environmental impact assessments, bearing in mind taking into account possible requirements to be fulfilled.

08.05.2018 | Pump opening. The first shooting range from the government program is readyIt is not yet known whether it will be a hit, but the “Shooting range in every poviat” project has passed from the planning phase to implementation. The “Anna” shooting range was opened in Podkarpacie, in the PiS stronghold. The head of the prime minister’s office shot first, and PiS MP Anna Schmidt-Rodziewicz became the godmother. Maciej Mazur | TVN facts

Build but what?

Opposition deputies, however, raised a number of objections to the project. They also submitted that they had received numerous comments from the legislative office – several comments on each page – just a few minutes before the start of the committee meeting.

Katarzyna Lubnauer asked the applicants: – What do you want to build on campuses?

Lubnauer, like other opposition MPs, pointed out that the regulations proposed by PiS would make it possible to abuse the imprecise meaning of the phrase “patriotic investments”. – After all, it can mean anything – it was emphasized many times during the discussion, and the opposition deputies were also right in the opinion of the Sejm’s legislative office.

– Each private university can build anything with the consent of the voivode. Let’s call it patriotic. Contrary to the development plan – emphasized Lubnauer.

However, MP Zbigniew Dolata from PiS commented: – Departure. Anything that is “patriotic” bothers you, and “anti-patriotic” would please you.

After about an hour of discussion, the opposition MPs left the committee meeting. – We do not want to participate in such a vulgar bending of the law – MP Lubnauer told tvn24.pl.

PiS deputies proceeded and made further amendments without discussion, only referring to the comments of the legislative office.

Investments may be financed in whole or in part from the state budget or from other sources.

Main photo source: PAP/Maciej Kulczyński

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