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PiS organizes picnics promoting 800 plus with taxpayers’ money. Aleksandra Gajewska and Arkadiusz Marchewka present the calculations

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MPs from the Civic Coalition, Aleksandra Gajewska and Arkadiusz Marchewka, presented new information about the organized 800 plus picnics at a press conference. – All of the events that we have audited so far cost PLN 6 million, Gajewska said. She added that since the election campaign formally started, “every weekend of these PiS election rallies costs Polish women and men PLN 720,000.” Marchewka added that this was “a violation of any rules of a democratic state and a violation of principles.”

KO MPs Aleksandra Gajewska and Arkadiusz Marchewka are responsible for parliamentary control at the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. This concerns the organization of 800 plus picnics, most of which take place with the participation of PiS politicians. The government says that they are to promote the Family 800 plus program.

On Saturday, they presented new information regarding the financing of these events at a press conference.

– These picnics take place from the beginning of July throughout Poland. Together with Mr. Marchewka, we monitor how these expenses are transferred by the ministry, where these funds come from and what the amounts are, said Gajewska.

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Millions for picnics. This is how much our money PiS spends

– The entirety of these events that Mr. Marchewka and I have audited so far cost six million zlotys. However, from the moment they were announced elections (it was August 8 – editor), i.e. since the election campaign has been conducted, each weekend of PiS election rallies costs Poles and Poles PLN 720,000. This is a rounded amount, she continued.

– I am convinced that on October 15 (election day – ed.), Polish citizens will organize a nice picnic for PiS – she added.

On one of the slides, the MPs showed the amount of PLN 5,970,451.90 with the caption that “this much was spent on PiS picnics from Poles’ pockets!”

Aleksandra Gajewska and Arkadiusz Marchewka about 800 plus picnicsTVN24

Carrot: it’s breaking any rules

MP Arkadiusz Marchewka said that the picnics are taking place during the election campaign and it is “a violation of any rules of a democratic state and a violation of the principles.”

He illustrated the costs incurred by taxpayers on the example of specific picnics.

He said that the picnic, which took place in Stalowa Wola on August 12, i.e. after the elections were announced, cost PLN 127,920. He showed photos of Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Rafał Weber speaking there.

Next, he pointed to a picnic that took place on August 13 in Lublin and cost PLN 129,765. The Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, spoke at the event.

Some picnics promoting 800 plus cost over PLN 100,000. “I grabbed my head”

He also recalled that on August 15, PiS MEP Elżbieta Rafalska appeared at a picnic in Kłodawa, which cost PLN 111,930.

Marchewka also talked about a picnic in Knurów, which took place on August 12, and which cost PLN 102,000. Piotr Pyzik, Deputy Minister of State Assets, invited people to the picnic on his social media.

– If the minister would like to somehow campaign for himself or PiS and invite people to all these popcorns, candy floss, bouncy castles, he should do it with his own money or with the committee’s money, not with the ministry’s money, which should serve entirely why else? And this is a very blatant example – said Marchewka.

Main photo source: TVN24

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