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PiS policy towards the EU? Szłapka: there were a lot of decibels, no effect on Poland

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– The measure of success in European politics is effectiveness, not who shouts louder. The last eight years have been full of decibels, with no effect for Poland, said Minister for European Union Adam Szłapka (KO) in “#BezKitu”.

IN The Civic Coalition won the European Parliament elections on Sunday, gaining 37.06 percent support. It came in second place Law and Justice – 36.16 percent. The podium closes Confederation, which was supported by 12.08 percent of voters. Third Road won 6.91 percent and the Left Party – 6.3 percent of support.

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About Polish European policy after elections Adam Szłapka, Minister for the European Union and MP from the Civic Coalition, said in the “#BezKitu” program.

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Szłapka on the “fundamental difference” in Polish European policy

As he said, “Poland is a large, populous country with a strong economy, we have all the papers to play an important place in Europe.” – In previous years, European policy was treated only as a lever or a vehicle for Polish politics. To use the debate within the European Union to build political support for PiS. We lost because we did not take advantage of the opportunities offered by European policy, he added.

– We have a very serious threat from Russia and that's what we need to focus on. We must focus on protecting our borders. And here is an important government initiative, i.e. Shield East. We must focus on protecting our skies. And here is a joint letter from Prime Minister Tusk and the Prime Minister (Greece Kyriakos – ed.) Mitsotakis regarding the protection of the sky, the “European iron dome” – he continued.

Szłapka referred to the “fundamental difference” between the approach to European policy of the PiS government and the current ruling coalition. – The measure of success in European politics is effectiveness, not who shouts louder. The last eight years have been full of decibels, with no effect for Poland. And the point here is to implement projects that are good for Poland, he said.

Adam Szłapka in “#BezKitu” TVN24

– Over the last few months, we have managed to convince European partners that our safety is the most important thing. Security has many dimensions. This is external security, energy security. Also Europe's resilience to the other threats we face. For example, against disinformation, he continued.

Szłapka: Europe faces two serious threats

The EU Minister assessed that “today Europe faces two serious threats: the threat from Russia and the threat from populism.” – We have said from the very beginning that Russia is a threat, we must deter it, we must be ready for potential aggression – he noted.

Speaking about populism, he said that “when planning the European agenda, we must remember not to lose the support of societies.” – Even if individual politicians believe that there are many things to be done and that they are somehow incomprehensible to the public at this stage, they must first be communicated well – he added.

– And secondly, they have to get approval. If there is no acceptance, it is fodder for populist movements that often feed on disinformation and lies. Unfortunately, this is exactly what it looked like in Poland when it comes to what Law and Justice did – said the “#BezKitu” guest.

Szłapka: it's a difficult situation, it doesn't bring anyone any pride, but it's an accident

Szłapka announced on Friday on social media that, as previously announced, he had resigned parliamentary immunity. He is to be held responsible for hitting a cyclist.

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He also referred to the matter in “#BezKitu”. – Information from the Speaker (of the Sejm – ed.), I received the relevant letter only today. I announced from the very beginning that I would waive this immunity. As soon as it was possible, I waived my immunity immediately after receiving this letter and now there is a normal procedure, the prosecutor's office will continue the proceedings – he said.

He was asked whether he would now make himself available to investigators. – Of course. It was clear to me. Of course, the situation is difficult and does not bring anyone any pride, but it is simply an accident – he replied.

Questions from young people

Youth representatives also asked questions in the program. Alicja Jakimko (Young New People) asked Adam Szłapka about the causes of populism among young people. Łukasz Krzemiński (student of SWPS) raised the topic of hate speech.

Alicja Jakimko (Młodzi Nowocześni) asks Adam Szłapka a question TVN24

  Łukasz Krzemiński (student of SWPS) asks Adam Szłapka

Łukasz Krzemiński (student of SWPS) asks Adam Szłapka TVN24

Then, Radomir Wit's guests were Marcin Sypniewski, MEP-elect of the Confederation, and Aleksandra Leo from Poland 2050. The MP announced the submission of a draft bill on counteracting hate speech, because “haters cannot be anonymous on the Internet.” According to Sypniewski, it is very difficult to write such a project because “the court services were unable to find Daniel Obajtek, and we assume that they will be able to track down someone who wrote something on the Internet by IP address.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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