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PiS politicians argue that the government cares about women. “The Polish state has nothing but coercion and fear for us”

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Law and Justice politicians ensure that women are now better off than 10 years ago. They also enumerate what the government has done for them recently. However, it does not stand up to the confrontation with reality – the one with which women collide on a daily basis.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is silent about Joanna, but the prosecutor’s office will have to answer, because not only Joanna’s attorney, but also opposition politicians want the investigators to investigate whether the policemen have broken the law. – This must be treated as the most brutal encroachment on the sphere of intimacy and personal rights of another person – said Professor Marek Safjan, a judge of the Court of Justice of the European Union, on Friday’s “Fakty po Faktach” TVN24.

The opposition also speaks in a similar tone. – Today, the Polish state has only coercion and fear for us – says Magdalena Biejat, an MP from the Left.

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The Minister of Family and Social Policy talks about hate, but not on Joanna. – The campaign against women doctors and police officers who carried out their activities is deeply unfair – says Marlena Maląg.

The authorities see no injustice in how Joanna was treated, stripped of her dignity, treated as a criminal, even though she did not commit a crime – this is, according to the opposition, PiS’s policy towards women. Politicians remind that it was at the request of PiS and the Confederation that the Constitutional Tribunal de facto changed the law and almost completely banned abortion in Poland. It was then that thousands of protesters took to the streets, sometimes brutally suppressed by the police. Batons and gas were used against the women. It was the PiS authorities who wanted to terminate the anti-violence convention and mocked the fact that women in Poland are afraid of having children.

Joan’s case. Minister Maląg demands an apology to the policeMaciej Knapik/Fakty TVN

PiS enumerates what it has done for women

When more women died in hospitals because of doctors’ fear of the new law, the PiS president spoke of delusions. Today, too, power conjures up reality.

– The government of Law and Justice is a government that puts women on a pedestal – emphasizes Elżbieta Witek, Speaker of the Sejm on behalf of Law and Justice. – Law and Justice supports women at every step – assures Anna Zalewska, MEP of Law and Justice. – Women are now better off than they were 10 years ago – indicates Kazimierz Smoliński, MP from Law and Justice.

This is nonsense – says the opposition and adds that the case of Joanna is the best example of this. – Law and Justice abuses women – believes Krzysztof Śmiszek, MP of the Left. – This is the most oppressive and anti-women government in the history of Poland, certainly after 1989 – comments dr hab. Anna Siewierska-Chmaj, political scientist, University of Rzeszów.

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PiS politicians, when asked what the party has done for women recently, mention welfare, talk about nurseries and kindergartens, and even about kindness. It’s just that it has nothing to do with women’s rights, counters the Left. – Today, a woman in the vision of Law and Justice is three times K: kitchen, cradle and church – says MP Śmiszek.

Tusk: Let's give full faith in victory on October 1

Tusk: Let’s give full faith in victory on October 1TVN24

It is clear that women’s rights are becoming one of the most important issues of the campaign for PiS. – An artificial narrative is being created about some hell of women – says MP Smoliński.

PO MP Marta Golbik says that there is one positive effect of PiS’s policy towards women. – What they did well was to cause women to unite against the rule of Law and Justice – she points out.

Women’s issues are one of the reasons why the leader of the PO, Donald Tusk, called the “Million Hearts” march on 1 October.

Main photo source: TVN24

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