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PiS politicians do not rule out a coalition with the Confederation. Members of the Confederation, on the other hand, are more skeptical

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Law and Justice does not rule out a post-election coalition with the Confederation if the party runs out of votes for independent governments. The Confederation doesn’t want to talk about it right now. It is also increasingly softening its language to appeal to moderate voters, although its activists were previously famous for their controversial and extreme statements.

MPs of the Confederation are already presenting list leaders in the Warsaw suburbs constituency. These are natural actions during the campaign period, but there are questions about what will happen after the election.

– I believe that Jarosław Kaczyński has already had a word with Mr. Sławomir Mentzen. Everyone who thinks they will vote for the cool Sławek from TikTok will actually vote for the uncool Jarosław from Nowogrodzka – says Tomasz Trela, MP of the Left.

The possible post-election coalition of PiS and the Confederation is not only the predictions of the opposition. This option is also not ruled out by MPs from the ruling party. – Everything is ahead of us, let’s wait for the decision of Poles, our voters – comments Law and Justice MP Piotr Polak, adding at the same time that his party would get along with politicians of the Confederation. – I personally am a conciliatory person and there may be different scenarios – says Anna Cicholska, PiS MP.

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A poll conducted by the Kantar Public studio indicates that Law and Justice may have a problem with forming an independent government. He may indeed seek support from the Confederation. – These will be very hard times for all those who profess democratic values, who believe that Poland can be normal, colorful or tolerant, and above all law-abiding – assesses Krzysztof Śmiszek, MP of the Left.

Kaczyński asked about a possible coalition with the ConfederationTVN24

What does the Confederation represent?

As “Black and white” showed in the reportage “The Dark Specter”, the Confederation’s scenario has been known for years. The party, in addition to changes in tax regulations, also promotes this approach: “We don’t want Jews, homosexuals, abortions, taxes and the European Union,” Sławomir Mentzen said in 2019. Although the politician withdraws from the words spoken 4 years ago, deceptively similar slogans were used at the last convention of the Confederation. – We will not be taught history by Germans or Jews. The Eurokolkhoz Council of People’s Commissars will not explain to us how we should govern ourselves in our own country – said Grzegorz Braun, MP of the Confederation.


The audience gave a standing ovation after Braun’s speech, but the politician of the Confederation is not only known for his extreme views, but also for his controversial behavior. – This is a team that will want to take Poland out of the European Union at all costs, limit civil rights and women’s rights – believes Tomasz Trela, an MP from the Left.

The Confederation does not hide its views on abortion. Sławomir Mentzen, when asked about abortion in cases of rape, replied that “you must not kill children”.

Radical slogans, hard electorate.  Where does the popularity of the Confederation come from?

Radical slogans, hard electorate. Where does the popularity of the Confederation come from?Pawel Płuska/Fakty TVN

“We do not intend to extend PiS’s power”

The Confederations are made up of three groups: nationalists, corwinists and representatives of the Confederation of the Polish Crown. – When they wrote down the slogans that divide them, there was no space, so they decided to write what they have in common, and basically it turned out that these are low taxes, liberalism and down with leftism – says Marcin Kącki, journalist, author of the book “Boys go to Poland”.


– They will not admit to the elections that they want a coalition with PiS, but this is a fraud, because if we look at what interests, when it comes to ideological matters, the Confederation represents, they are exactly the same interests that PiS represents – points out the MP Civic Coalition Katarzyna Lubnauer.

Will the same values ​​connect PiS and Konfederacja after the elections? – We do not intend to prolong the power of PiS. We are not going to form a coalition with PiS, we are not going to form a coalition with PO. We do not intend to allow Tusk to return to power. The Confederation is an alternative for discredited politicians who should retire already, like Tusk and Kaczyński, assures Krzysztof Bosak, MP of the Confederation.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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