PiS politicians ignore questions about the fortune of the prime minister’s wife. “I am not asking you to publish your assets”


There are no comments following the findings of Onet journalists regarding the estate of Iwona Morawiecka. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki promised to reveal not only his assets, but also his wives, which he did not do. PiS defends the head of government and believes that he did everything right. Those in power either do not allow journalists’ questions on this matter or try to ignore them.

On Tuesday, we asked the ruling party’s spokesman about the transparency standards that – according to PiS politicians – are met by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Rafał Bochenek, when asked about the head of government’s promise to make his wife’s assets public, started talking about the assets of the leader of the Civic Platform. – Will Donald Tusk make it public? Will Donald Tusk make his assets public or not? – Rafał Bochenek asked, while ignoring our question.

Donald Tusk’s earnings in Brussels are public, and the former prime minister, who does not currently hold any state function, spoke openly about his and his wife’s assets. The PO chairman, commenting on the Onet.pl reports about the Morawiecki’s assets, points to one thing. – Since then, when he has a direct impact on public finances, the economy, and various types of decisions, he has kept his assets secret – he notes.

Jarosław Kaczyński himself said in 2019 that the fortune of the prime minister, but also of his immediate family, should be public. The PiS president even announced a law on the disclosure of assets. So what’s the problem? – opposition MPs ask, although it is a rhetorical question. The prime minister’s wife should be like Caesar’s wife: beyond suspicion – points out Marcin Kierwiński, MP from the Civic Platform. – Fear stands in the way. The Prime Minister is afraid of revealing this wealth – says Krystyna Szumilas, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

Szczerba: the prime minister is doing everything to hide his assetsTVN24

Journalists’ findings

The Prime Minister has been trying to build his image as a “simple representative of the people” for years. However, the reluctance of the Morawiecki couple to reveal all their assets also raises other suspicions. – Legal problems that occurred when acquiring this property, or moral problems – points out Paweł Zalewski, MP from Poland 2050.

The assets declared in Mateusz Morawiecki’s last statement – savings, income, bonds and, above all, real estate – were estimated by Business Insider journalists to be over PLN 11 million. Although this is a huge amount, it is also a fraction of what he earned as the president of the Polish branch of a foreign bank – stock exchange reports show that in the years 2004-2014 the Prime Minister earned PLN 29 million. Moreover, according to the findings of Onet journalists, the plots and real estate sold and bought by Iwona Morawiecka in recent years were supposed to be worth up to PLN 120 million.

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– The prenup concluded by Mateusz and Iwona Morawiecki in December 2013 may raise many question marks as to whether it was real or apparent – points out Jacek Harłukowicz, a journalist at Onet.pl.

Moreover, according to the journalists’ findings, despite the rather absorbing job of being the head of the government, Mateusz Morawiecki also found time to remind the tenants of one of the rented premises – formally his wife’s premises – by text message to settle the rent.

The prime minister's assets are only partially public

The prime minister’s assets are only partially publicTVN24

Kaczyński’s words

The government ignores journalists’ questions about Iwona Morawiecka’s disclosure of her assets. – Likewise, there is no obligation for you to publish your declaration of assets. (…) There are no such obligations and I am not appealing to you to publish your assets – comments Piotr Mueller, government spokesman.

There is no obligation, but there is no obstacle, as proven by PiS MPs, led by the president, who proudly presented their asset declarations in 2001 when they demanded the introduction of statutory disclosure. – If someone does not want to show what they have, there is a suspicion that they obtained it in a reprehensible way – argued Jarosław Kaczyński then.

The president returned to the issue of transparency of the assets of politicians and their families when he delivered the prime minister’s expose in 2006. – When it comes to people functioning in public life, their wealth must be subject to very thorough verification, we must know who is wealthy for what reasons – he said.

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The PiS president also spoke about the division of assets in 2006 in “Gazeta Współczesna”. “Today, a common practice is a prenup, i.e. the division of assets. Thanks to this, the MP declares modest assets, and the wife, on the contrary, does not. (…) If someone once worked full-time, then he was still in parliament even for a dozen or so years, and today he has a large wealth, where does it come from? Just take a pencil and count it – you have no right to have it,” Kaczyński said.

More than a decade later, an appropriate law was even created regarding the disclosure of the assets of politicians’ closest family members, but the provisions were questioned by the president and the Constitutional Tribunal, headed by Julia Przyłębska.

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