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PiS politicians reach for sensitive data of citizens. “Once again, we see big brother watching.” How to protect yourself?

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Speaking in Chełm, Jarosław Kaczyński argued that Poland under the rule of PiS is an island of freedom and democracy. As part of this freedom, the minister of health discloses the sensitive data of a doctor who dared to have a different opinion than him, the CBA takes over the documentation of 30 years of work of a gynecologist, and the prosecutor discloses the data of the victim of the assault. What can a citizen do when the authorities reach for his data?

– We expect the prime minister to take action against a member of the Polish government – informs Przemysław Rosati, president of the Polish Bar Council. One hundred scientific societies are gathering to react to what Minister Niedzielski did to one of the doctors.

When Piotr Pisula complained about problems with writing prescriptions, the Minister of Health revealed what drugs the doctor had written for himself. – It violates the doctor’s right to privacy today, and in a moment the public authority may decide to violate the right to privacy of every citizen, just because the citizen will want to criticize the authority – says Przemysław Rosati. The minister says he had the right to do so, so the doctors cite other examples. – Once again, when the state apparatus publicly discloses the data of a person concerned by a case, this is the situation with the patient Joanna, it is unimaginable – says Anna Bazydło from the Residents’ Agreement.

When the Minister of Health “in defense of the interests of patients” revealed what drugs a Poznań doctor had prescribed for himself, the Chief of Police Jarosław Szymczyk, for equally important reasons, revealed private matters regarding Joanna’s relationship and what she was being treated for.

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When the prosecutor’s office became interested in the alleged aiding in the abortion of a Szczecin gynecologist, the CBA, in search of evidence in the case of one patient, extracted the intimate medical records of several thousand women. A close associate of Minister Ziobro, defending Marika M., convicted of hooligan robbery, revealed the name and surname of the victim of this robbery. Also in front of all Poland. – Public authorities are very willing to disclose personal data of victims of crime, or doctors, patients, de facto in order to settle some of their interests – believes Krzysztof Izdebski from the Stefan Batory Foundation.

Doctors write to the prosecutor’s office for Adam Niedzielski. “This situation should never have happened”Maria Bilińska/Fakty po Poludnie TVN24

What can a citizen do?

The authority assures that it is the guarantor of citizens’ security. – Safety on Polish streets, our peaceful life, our right to live peacefully – enumerated President Jarosław Kaczyński on Sunday in Chełm. The opposition, however, is sounding the alarm. – Once again, we can see that big brother is watching – emphasizes Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, member of the New Left. Elections are coming, and the privacy of citizens can be a tool in them – we hear. – PiS looks at Poles behind the curtains, looks into the kitchen, looks into the bedroom, and now they have even started to check what diseases anyone has – notes Piotr Zgorzelski, deputy speaker of the Sejm from PSL.

How can an ordinary citizen defend himself against this? He can complain to the prosecutor’s office, headed by Zbigniew Ziobro, or go to the Office for Personal Data Protection. – The President of the Personal Data Protection Office has become known as a person who rather performs activities in line with the party line – emphasizes Krzysztof Izdebski. A party that has all the tools to make public what is private, intimate and personal. – It’s already turned on its head. This shows that personal data serves the power – says Wojciech Klicki from the Panoptykon Foundation.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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