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PiS politicians talk about a “peaceful” farmers’ demonstration in Warsaw, and compare the police’s actions to those of ZOMO

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The police publish images and look for further participants of the riots in front of the Sejm. 55 people have already been arrested and the first ones have been sentenced. At the same time, after Wednesday’s clashes, there are more and more questions about the settlement and who is really standing behind the uniform and who is throwing paving stones at him.

Law and Justice no longer stands behind the Polish uniform. – If we converted these pictures on the Internet to black and white, it would look like during martial law – says Robert Telus, former Minister of Agriculture in the PiS government, about Wednesday’s riots in front of the Sejm. Former government officials compare what happened to what ZOMO did during martial law. – I haven’t seen such a peaceful demonstration for a long time – says Antoni Macierewicz, PiS MP.

A broken cube, firecrackers, bottles – all of this was thrown at the police, and even a lifeguard was threatened during the riots. And despite this, PiS compares it to the activities of ZOMO.

The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration believes that the riots were not provoked by farmers. – Among the 26 people detained during this hottest period, almost half of them were under the influence of alcohol. There were three people there who had previously had problems with the law. Two people have already been sentenced – informs Marcin Kierwiński.

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Even farmers don’t say that nothing happened. Many are aware that their protest turned out to be not only theirs. – It was definitely provoked by third parties and I think the police will confirm this in the near future – notes Sławomir Izdebski, chairman of OPZZ Farmers and Agricultural Organizations.

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For now, the police present images of those they are looking for on their websites. According to the officers, these people were the most aggressive, they were the ringleaders of the riots and ultimately caused what happened in Warsaw.

Farmers’ protest and clash with the police in Warsaw. Jan Piotrowski explains the course of eventsTVN24

This is what the protests looked like during the PiS government

During the PiS government, Piotr Duda and his “Solidarity” did not oppose the PiS government, although farmers protested even then. People from Piotr Duda’s union were at the protest in Warsaw. Even when joining the farmers, the chairman of NSZZ “Solidarność” did not hide his sympathy for PiS. When Tadeusz Obszański pointed out the guilt of the Commissioner of Agriculture at a press conference, Piotr Duda cut the topic short. – Commissioner Wojciechowski should completely withdraw it and postpone it to the European forum so that it can be voted on. This is what we will fight for, this is what we demand all the time – said the chairman of the Independent Farmers’ Trade Union “Solidarity”. – I would add to this that there is no point in blaming one person – Duda added.

PiS does not talk about the aggression of the demonstrators towards the police. – When Law and Justice was in power, the demonstrations took place peacefully – argued PiS MP Mariusz Błaszczak from the parliamentary rostrum.

It was peaceful in Warsaw during the Million Hearts March. Nobody was tearing up the cobblestones then. Beating women with a telescopic baton during the Women’s Strike was not peaceful, and it was done by an anti-terrorist without a uniform during the PiS government, although no one was tearing up the cobblestones during the Women’s Strikes.

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Gas was also used when PiS was in power, when no one attacked with stones and there were children nearby. – I didn’t see those situations, I saw the situations that happened today – said PiS MP Robert Telus on Wednesday when asked about police actions under the previous government.

Main photo source: TVN24/Marcin Terlik, onet.pl/ksp.policja.gov.pl

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