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PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński called the president of TVP at 3 a.m

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The president of Law and Justice (PiS), Jarosław Kaczyński, said that a few days ago he called the then president of TVP in the middle of the night because of the lack of a television signal. As he explained, it later turned out that he “did not make the appropriate changes to his TV.” This is about the transition to a new broadcasting standard – DVB-T2/HEVC. In the case of MUX-3, which only offers public television channels, the deadline was postponed by a year and a half compared to other multiplexes.

– When I returned from Krakow a few days ago around three in the morning and opened the TV, I saw that there was no signal – Kaczyński said in an interview for Wnet radio.

– I called one person first, then the other person – they didn’t answer. Finally, to the president of Telewizja (Polish Television), Mateusz Matyszkowicz, to find out whether this was the case and whether it was used in the same way during martial law. It turned out that it was just my mistake, that I had not made the appropriate changes to my TV, said the PiS president.

The interview was covered by PAP, but without the fragment with the phone call to the president of TVP.

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Why is there no TV signal?

The problem with the television signal experienced by the PiS president is probably the result of changing the standard of broadcasting TVP programs to MUX3 of digital terrestrial television. On December 19, switchovers took place in the following voivodeships: Warmian-Masurian, Podlaskie, Masovian, Lublin, Świętokrzyskie, Małopolskie and Podkarpackie. In the case of other voivodeships, it took place a few days earlier.

Other multiplexes, including the second one where TVN and TVN7 are available, were switching to the new DVB-T2/HEVC broadcasting standard in the first half of 2022. Initially, this was also supposed to be the case for MUX3, but on June 20, 2022, at the request of the PiS government, the President of UKE, Jacek Oko, issued a decision according to which, in the case of the MUX3 multiplex, the change of the broadcast system from DVB-T/AVC to DVB-T2/HEVC was not to take place later than January 1, 2024

– Power, specifically Jaroslaw Kaczynskiwho himself said that independent media are a drag – and this is a literal quote – he wants an excuse, no matter what, at this point a technical excuse, to deprive the audience of various content – he commented in an interview with “Fakty” TVN Dr. Krzysztof Grzegorzewski, media expert from the University of Łódź. – The official justification is security reasons, but in my opinion, this is a security consideration for the government’s information monopoly. I don’t see any other safety reason here – added prof. Andrzej Rychard, sociologist.

Earlier arrangements between broadcasters and decision-makers were different, so TVN, Polsat, TV Puls and Kino Polska issued a joint statement. “We oppose unfair actions that deprive a large part of terrestrial television viewers of access to their favorite channels and treat all commercial broadcasters in a discriminatory manner, favoring public television,” the statement said.

Joint statement by commercial broadcasters

Changes in TVP and PAP

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage announced that the head of this ministry Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz dismissed the presidents of the management boards of TVP, Polskie Radio and PAP and supervisory boards of these companies. The day before in the evening, the Sejm adopted a resolution on the restoration of legal order and the impartiality and reliability of the public media and PAP.

At the TVP headquarters on Tuesday MPs from the Law and Justice club appearedto defend the propaganda tube he created. Since Wednesday, parliamentarians have also been in PAP.

In recent days PiS MPs and former government media employees began to focus their attention not on TVP Info, but more on the Polish Press Agency. It was in PAP that PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński was on Thursday night and Friday.

On Saturday morning, security guards hired on behalf of the newly appointed president of PAP appeared at the headquarters of the Polish Press Agency. Marek Błoński said that “the presence of unauthorized persons threatens occupational health and safety.” PiS MPs, who cannot come to terms with the changes and defend their propaganda of the last eight years, blocked their way. On Friday, former and current PAP journalists said in a statement that their work had been repeatedly censored for eight years and they wanted a return to normality and high work standards.


Main photo source: Marcin Obara/PAP

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