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PiS problems in Małopolska. “Jarosław Kaczyński lost control of his own party”

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The loss of the majority in the Podlasie regional council resulted in Law and Justice's departure from the party of former minister Krzysztof Jurgiel. In Małopolska, PiS still has a majority, but nothing comes of it because it is unable to elect a marshal. It loses votes by itself.

On June 18, the leaders of Law and Justice paid a visit to Krakow. That day, a series of meetings between Jarosław Kaczyński and some local politicians of Law and Justice were to be held regarding the election of Łukasz Kmita as the marshal of the Lesser Poland regional assembly.

Jarosław Kaczyński's intervention and pressure achieved nothing. Law and Justice failed to elect Łukasz Kmita as marshal for the second time. Three votes were missing. 17 councilors were in favor, 19 against. Two councilors cast invalid votes.

Łukasz Kmita was not present at the announcement of the results. A moment later, he published the recording. – Those councilors who did not respect the will of the club, but also the will of the president, will not sleep peacefully today because they betrayed the ideals of Law and Justice. It's a pity – commented Kmita, a councilor of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in the recording.

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“This is a very unpleasant situation for us”

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The Lesser Poland assembly in the shadow of internal frictions within PiSTVN24

The vote was secret, but some Law and Justice councilors showed their ballots. Others, as is said unofficially, were to take photos and send them to the party authorities.

– Everyone was here: the Secretary General, President Kaczyński. They convinced their councilors and obtained promises of votes in favor, but as you can see, the resistance among Law and Justice councilors is incredible – comments Marek Sowa, MP from the Civic Coalition.

– This is certainly a very surprising and unpleasant situation for us and requires explanation – said Arkadiusz Mularczyk from Law and Justice, who obtained a mandate to the European Parliament.

Internal fights in Law and Justice

According to unofficial information from “Fakty” TVN, two councilors of the Law and Justice club were to cast invalid votes on purpose. One of the councilors was said to be against it. One person was absent. – People who decided that they did not like the ideals of the Law and Justice party, which committed betrayal, should leave – said Barbara Nowak (PiS), councilor of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

– Provincial councilors want to have their own subjectivity and this also shows that Jarosław Kaczyński has lost control over his own party today. Today, Jarosław Kaczyński is no longer able to model himself as a councilor as he wants. These are not voting machines, said Miłosz Motyka, a councilor of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship from the Polish People's Party.

The dispute over the election of the marshal, i.e. the authority in the Lesser Poland assembly, has been a matter of internal struggles in Law and Justice from the beginning. First between Ryszard Terlecki and Beata Szydło, and now also between Sovereign Poland, which has two councilors without whom PiS is unable to govern.

– Political bodies will also have to think over the matter and make a decision – commented the outgoing Marshal of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Witold Kozłowski.

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Małopolska is the second region after Podlasie in which Law and Justice, despite winning the elections, cannot govern due to friction between factions in the party. There, it ended with PiS losing power.

– There is time, let us remind you, until July 8. I think the conversations are ongoing. I think there is a lot of panic in PiS. There will probably be many opportunities for discipline, but we are also fully ready to take over power in Małopolska – says Dorota Niedziela, deputy speaker of the Sejm (KO).

If the councilors fail to elect a new marshal, the Prime Minister will appoint a commissioner and order new elections.

Main photo source: PAP

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