PiS reckoning continues next week. What awaits us? “Prosecutor's Office has hard evidence”


According to the government's announcements, we have a key and symbolic week ahead of us in the context of settling accounts with the previous government. The plenary chamber will vote on a motion to lift the immunity of former Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Romanowski. After the vote, prosecutors will take action with a motion to detain and arrest him.

– We have a chance for true justice to return – law and justice – says Katarzyna Lubnauer, MP of the Civic Coalition.

An important step towards the advent of “true justice” is to be the consent of the Sejm to lift Marcin Romanowski's immunity. There is already such a recommendation from the committee, and the vote in the plenary chamber will most likely take place at the session starting on Thursday, June 11.

– We have clear evidence that there was a huge amount of money, that there was robbery of the state, that there was money that was spent on the election campaign – says Joanna Scheuring, MP of the Left.

In its motion to the Sejm, the prosecutor's office listed 11 charges. The most serious is participation in an organized criminal group.

It concerns over 112 million złoty spent from the Justice Fund in competitions rigged in the prosecutor's opinion, while the Fund was managed by the former Marcin Romanowski. How the decisions were made can be heard on recordings by the former director of the Justice Fund Department, Tomasz Mraz, also a suspect in the prosecutor's investigation.

Scandal in the Justice Fund. Roman Giertych files a complaint against Jarosław KaczyńskiMichał Tracz/Fakty TVN

Prosecutor's Office Wants to Detain MP Romanowski. He Faces 10 Years in Prison

In addition to lifting his immunity, the prosecutor's office also wants the Sejm's consent to detain current MP Romanowski, and this outrages Law and Justice politicians.

– In such cases – official, economic – the rule is that the accused are held liable with freedom of speech, so let the prosecutor's office go to court, remove immunity, but do not request arrest. Arrest here is an obvious attempt at political repression – comments Marcin Horała, MP of Law and Justice.

The court's consent is required for the arrest, and the reason may be the fear of tampering. In the aforementioned recordings, the former deputy minister can be heard talking to his colleagues about cleaning out email boxes and looking for safe answers to difficult questions.

– If I see everything we already know about the matters related to the Justice Fund and the actions of Mr. Romanowski, then I have no doubts that the prosecutor's office has hard evidence – says Katarzyna Lubnauer. Marcin Romanowski faces 10 years in prison.

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Voting on Marcin Romanowski's immunity at the next session of the Sejm

Voting on Marcin Romanowski's immunity at the next session of the SejmMaciej Knapik/Fakty TVN

A report regarding Jarosław Kaczyński was sent to the prosecutor's office

At the end of June, the Sejm lifted the immunity of Michał Woś. His case concerns the purchase of the Pegasus system for PLN 25 million from the Justice Fund. The politician has not yet been charged.

– The prosecutor's office will take further action in accordance with the procedure, which means he must be summoned for questioning as a suspect – informs the Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar. – It is necessary to hold accountable those responsible for breaking the law, but we know that the government is conducting a certain political campaign – comments Stanisław Żaryn, advisor to President Andrzej Duda.

On July 5, the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw received a notice regarding Jarosław Kaczyński and his inaction regarding the Justice Fund. “He wanted to protect subsidies for PiS, he wanted to maintain the government majority. He allowed the poorest to be robbed,” says Roman Giertych, a member of parliament from the Civic Coalition, who filed the notice.

The fact that President Kaczyński knew about the activities of Solidarna Polska at the time is evidenced by a letter he sent to then-Minister Zbigniew Ziobro before the 2019 elections. In it, he demanded a ban on spending money from the Justice Fund during the election campaign.

Politicians of Sovereign Poland have been handing out grants in their constituencies in a broad gesture. According to calculations by the Ministry of Justice, this amounts to as much as PLN 200 million out of over PLN 224 million in total grants.

– If there is a letter that clearly prohibits it in such a harsh text, it is clear that everyone knows that something macabre is happening there – emphasizes Róża Thun, a politician from Poland 2050-Third Way.

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According to NIK, PLN 280 million was spent incorrectly

Jarosław Kaczyński argued that he did not remember the letter, and even if he had written it, he had asked about cases he did not know were true – this is what Law and Justice politicians emphasize today.

– He is writing to the head of the coalition party, which in his opinion has started to squander money so much within this coalition that it threatens the entire project – comments Michał Kamiński, vice-marshal of the Senate from PSL-Trzecia Droga. – If it were not as we are saying here today, Kaczyński would not have written this letter – he adds.

According to the notification, Jarosław Kaczyński's responsibility is to consist of the fact that, on the one hand, as a public official, he did not notify law enforcement agencies about a possible crime. On the other hand, he did nothing politically to prevent money from being siphoned off from the Justice Fund. According to the Supreme Audit Office, PLN 280 million was spent incorrectly.

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