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PiS says nothing about changes in “lex Tusk”, but it turns up anti-EU rhetoric

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Probably on Tuesday, Jarosław Kaczyński will tell the PiS Parliamentary Club what’s next for “lex Tusk”. The president was in favor of the act, and after four days a little against it, because he suddenly introduced amendments. PiS can now throw them in the trash, because the president’s signature counts. The commission is already quietly forming, and government propaganda is preparing the ground. At the same time, Antoni Macierewicz loudly calls the European Union a “Russian agent”.

“The accomplices of the crime still live with impunity” – such a banner, which featured the likeness of Donald Tusk, accompanied the ceremony of the Smolensk monthly at the highest level. Everything took place with the solemn assistance of the Polish Army. Banners disliked by PiS were far behind the police cordon.

It is also worth adding that the government television already has a series on the subject that PiS has prepared for the commission on Russian influence, and the government itself does not rule out that the author of the government television series, Professor Sławomir Cenckiewicz, will join the commission. PiS is not stopping its activities regarding the commission, although the president has submitted his project for its appointment and operation to the Sejm. – As the president’s office, we hope that during the next session of the Sejm, next week, the Sejm will consider the amendment to the act proposed by the president – informed Łukasz Rzepecki from the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.

– The Law and Justice Club meets on Tuesday morning and then these decisions will be made. At the moment, the club simply does not have a position – said Marcin Horała, deputy minister of funds and regional policy from PiS.

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“I hope that someone will finally tell Jarosław Kaczyński: you are exaggerating”TVN24

Anti-EU rhetoric

The president, after he referred the PiS bill to the Constitutional Tribunal, but with his signature, suddenly changed his mind and proposed a different idea, although similar to what the opposition called “lex to get Tusk”. Now, PiS can make a gesture towards Andrzej Duda, but it does not have to and does not really want to, because the delay in the decision is not due to the fact that the PiS club makes decisions. Everything depends on Jarosław Kaczyński.

– In my opinion, Marshal Witek, but also the entire Law and Justice community, will not be interested in the amendment of President Andrzej Duda, who with this amendment remains a bit like Himilsbach with English – assessed Piotr Zgorzelski, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm and PSL MP. – How can you correct an evil with another evil? asks Krzysztof Śmiszek, MP of the New Left.

At such meetings as, for example, the Forum of Clubs of “Gazeta Polska”, PiS does not talk about the president’s doubts. Instead, PiS attacks the European Union, which fears that the new commission will be another PiS attack on the rule of law and democracy. Antoni Macierewicz calls the EU a “Russian agency”.

– Residents of Russian intelligence – both military and civilian – have smiling faces and really not much to do. They are simply happy about the individual steps that discredit Poland, which evoke anti-EU sentiments – says Paweł Wojtunik, former head of the CBA. This is the opinion of the former head of the CBA about the commission that is to start tracking Russian influence after eight years of PiS’s rule and eight years of PiS’s control over the secret services, just before the elections.

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