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PiS used the Medical Fund only in the election year. “It’s a little scary”

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The Medical Fund was supposed to finance extremely expensive treatment of children with rare diseases and cancer, but at first it was almost not used, and in the election year the funds from it were spent on various purposes that PiS candidates boasted about. The Parliamentary Health Committee received information on this matter.

Members of the Parliamentary Health Committee were shocked when they heard how billions of zlotys were spent from the Medical Fund established by PiS. – Looking at this calculation prepared by the Ministry of Health, it is a bit terrifying – says Professor Alicja Chybicka from the Civic Coalition.

For medicines, for medical and teaching equipment, for renovations of hospital emergency departments, for ambulances, and for above-limit pediatric treatment. The Medical Fund became a bag of money for almost everything, and it was supposed to be money for the treatment of children with rare diseases and oncological treatment. This is what the president said when he announced the establishment of the Fund.

Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski about the Medical Fund during the Impact’22 congressTVN24 BiS

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“It was money marked politically from the beginning”

MPs asked why the Medical Fund was created four years ago, if its assumptions had not been implemented and the money from it was spent mainly in 2023 – the election year.

– It was money marked politically from the very beginning. The question is how they were spent. We hear that there are again a lot of uncertainties as to how to qualify, conduct these competitions, and implement these investments. We will check all this very carefully – said Bartosz Arłukowicz, chairman of the Health Committee, PO MP.

Already two years ago, the Supreme Audit Office drew attention to the fact that the PiS team accumulates gigantic funds in the Medical Fund, which it does not spend. Already in 2022, questions were raised about whether the government was hoarding money for the election year. Dr. Małgorzata Gałązka-Sobotka – director of the Institute of Health Care Management at Lazarski University – said then that it was possible, because politicians always try to have aces up their sleeves to convince voters that they pursue a caring policy.

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In fact, these funds started to be released in 2023. Huge funds were allocated, for example, to hospitals in the Piła district, from which former PiS Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski was to run. His successor, Katarzyna Sójka, distributed checks from the Medical Fund, among others, in her constituency in Kalisz.

– These finances would not exist if Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki designed this fund very rationally and carefully – said the then Minister of Health from PiS in 2023. It was actually very thoughtful: in Andrzej Duda’s presidential campaign in 2020, Mateusz Morawiecki also publicly distributed checks with our public money. But from other funds.

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