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Sunday, August 14, 2022

PiS wants a higher shielding allowance

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Shield allowances are to be higher – this is the result of the amendment of the Law and Justice to the act introducing the so-called anti-inflationary shield. The total expenses for the benefit next year will therefore increase to PLN 4.7 billion.

Cover allowance increased

An amendment to increase the amount of the allowance was submitted by Krzysztof Tchórzewski on behalf of the Law and Justice parliamentary club.

– Although quite a thorough analysis of this law has been carried out, we have also noticed the need to introduce a significant supplement. I am submitting an additional amendment to the bill so that the cover allowance (was – ed.) Increased to PLN 500 for one-person households, PLN 750 per household consisting of two to three people, PLN 1,062.50 for four and five people and the highest, over six people – 1,437.50 – said Tchórzewski.

Currently, the project provides for four rates of the annual cover supplement: for a single-person household – PLN 400, for a household consisting of 2 to 3 people – PLN 600, for a household consisting of 4 to 5 people – PLN 850 and for a household home consisting of at least 6 people – PLN 1150.

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As he said, this change is aimed at protecting a household at risk of energy poverty due to the very dynamic increase in coal prices both on the global and domestic market this year.


– The increase in this shielding allowance for households using coal for individual heating purposes is to protect the economically vulnerable customer against significant increases in the prices of this raw material, which are currently noticeable and which translate into a measurable increase in heating costs – he added.

The government’s draft assumes that the maximum limit of expenditure from the state budget on protective allowances in 2022 is to amount to PLN 4.1 billion, after the changes it will amount to PLN 4.7 billion. Funds for the payment of the allowances will come from the state budget and from the sale (by way of an auction) of CO2 emission allowances.

The cover supplement is one of the elements of the so-called anti-inflationary shield. According to the bill, it is to be granted to people whose monthly income does not exceed PLN 2.1 thousand. PLN in the case of a single-person household and 1.5 thousand. PLN in the case of farms with more people.

Michał Krawczyk (KO): the supplement will be eaten up immediately by inflation

Speaking on behalf of the KO club, MP Michał Krawczyk said that the allowance would not contribute to a drop in inflation. – It will constitute additional income for the less wealthy, but it will be eaten up immediately by inflation, because you are not fighting the cause of inflation, but the symptoms, which is not enough – he said.

The deputy criticized the amendment adopted during the sitting of the parliamentary committees, which stipulates that the residents will have to submit applications for support by January 31, 2022.- This is impossible due to the short deadline, because if this law is adopted today, it will still go to the Senate, The president will have to sign it and the commune councils will have to adopt appropriate resolutions on this matter, and then notify the residents. There is not enough time for all of this until the end of January – said Krawczyk.

Adrian Zandberg from the Left emphasized in the Sejm that the aid was necessary because the poverty rates were rising, and he also submitted an amendment on behalf of the Left club to pay the support allowances provided for in the draft faster.

In turn, Andrzej Grzyb from the Polish Coalition said on Thursday that the club supports the whole idea of ​​aid, but proposes to expand the group of support recipients.

– We propose that the beneficiaries should also be diversified in terms of the number of family members – said Grzyb. Also, in his opinion, the adopted deadline for submitting applications for assistance until January 31, 2022 is too short and its extension by at least one month should be considered.

Michał Urbaniak from the Confederation pointed out during the discussion that the source of inflation is, among others, the European Green Deal and emission charges. He tabled an amendment regarding the budgeting of this support. As he explained, it is about PLN 7bn in emission fees, “which is not known where they can go in the budget” – he added.

Mirosław Suchoń from the Polska 2050 circle pointed out that the project will not stop the high prices, because the Polish Deal, which comes into force from January, will be a strong impulse for price increases. – We are asking to postpone the entry into force of the Polish Deal for at least a year – he said.

Anna Moskwa: a model application for the benefit has already been prepared

Answering the deputies’ questions, the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa reminded that the shielding allowance is part of the entire anti-inflationary shield, which also includes a reduction in VAT, excise duty on gas, heat and energy.

– If we add all these instruments together, it will be the entire package of a 10 billion anti-inflationary shield reaching all Polish citizens – she said.

According to Moscow’s statements, a template of the application that will have to be submitted in order to apply for support has already been prepared. The minister added that it would be published in the form of a regulation. She also informed that trainings for local governments on allowances would be conducted, as well as nationwide and local information campaigns aimed at citizens.

The project was directed to the Committee on Energy, Climate and State Assets and to the Committee for Social Policy and Family.

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