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Monday, October 18, 2021

PIT-19A in the question from “Millionaires” for half a million zlotys

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Who submits a tax return on the PIT-19A form: teachers, clergy, farmers or prisoners? This question in “Millionaires” was answered by Mr. Michał Tadeusz Koziej from Warsaw.

Mr. Michał started the game for a million in the Monday episode. He answered nine questions and the program ran out of time. The competitor used all the lifebuoys and was only three questions away from the jackpot.

The question for half a million zlotys concerned the PIT-19A tax form.

Who files a tax return on the PIT-19A form?

A: teachers B: clergy C: farmers D: prisoners

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PIT-19A is a form to be filled in by clergy. In it, they declare the amount of health insurance contributions they have paid during the year. Clergy are required to submit such a form by January 31. So the correct answer is B.

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