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PIT 2022. Tax surcharge. Who will have to pay the tax. Pensioners and employees. How much [TABELE]

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According to the estimates of the Ministry of Finance, 1.2 million people will have to face the tax surcharge in the settlement for 2022. The ministry explained in which situations the tax paid last year may turn out to be too small. This includes taxpayers who have multiple sources of income.

According to the Ministry of Finance, tax subsidies will occur for various reasons. “First of all, in the first half of the year advances on PIT were collected taking into account the so-called rolling mechanism (simplified: advance payments calculated according to the rules from 2022 and 2021 were compared and the lower of them was collected). Taxpayers who have several sources of income can also pay extra.

Tax surcharge. Who does it apply to?

The Ministry of Finance explains that tax subsidies this is the effect of too small advanceswhich were collected during the year for tax as a result of:
– freezing advances at 2021 level (this applies to both one source and several sources of income),
– applying a lower tax rate (17/12%) in the case of several sources of income, to which 32% applies as a result of cumulation in the tax return tax rate,
– applying tax preferences in advance paymentswhich cannot be used in full in the tax return (e.g. 50% of costs or discounts for young people – in the part exceeding the amount limit).

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“First of all, they can find themselves in this group people working on multiple contracts or connecting retirement with paid workto a much lesser extent people working on one contract and pensioners receiving higher benefits.

Tax payment by a working pensioner

Ministry of Finance gave several examples of earnings for working pensioners and how the level of tax subsidy is shaped by them.

For example, a working pensioner with a benefit of PLN 2.5 thousand. PLN, earning 1,000 full-time jobs. zloty will pay PLN 217. If the benefit is PLN 2.5 thousand PLN, and the salary is 3 thousand. zloty the surcharge will be PLN 500.

PIT. Tax payment by working retireesMinistry of Finance

In turn, with a pension of 2.5 thousand. PLN and earnings on the contract of employment amounting to PLN 6,000. zloty the surcharge will be PLN 933. However, when the benefit is 2 thousand. PLN and a salary of 5 thousand. zloty the surcharge will be PLN 63.

Working two jobs and paying taxes

The second group of taxpayers who, according to the Ministry of Finance, may be eligible for the subsidy are people earning two full-time jobs.

And so a person who earns 3,000 on both. zloty will pay PLN 447. A taxpayer working two jobs earns 3,000 on one job. PLN, and on the second 4 thousand. PLN, will pay PLN 592.

Working two jobs, the first one earns 3,000. PLN, and on the second 6 thousand. PLN, will pay PLN 881. In the event that he earns 4,000 in his first job, PLN, and on the second 2 thousand. PLN will pay extra PLN 333.

On the other hand, when he earns 4,000 in his first job, PLN, and on the second 5 thousand. PLN will pay extra PLN 755.

PIT. Tax payment for two full-time jobsMinistry of Finance

“The occurrence of the subsidy in these cases is therefore the effect of understated advance payments that were collected during the year for the tax. These advance payments may not be offset by the reduction from 17% to 12% of the lower tax rate. which the taxpayer could have had already during the year, and which should have been collected earlier, during the year.

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