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PIT 2023. By when do I have to submit my PIT? [Data]

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The deadline for PIT settlement for 2022 is approaching soon. Usually, the time for submitting the declaration is the end of April, but this year – because April 30 is a Sunday, and also Monday, May 1 is a holiday – there is a little more time to complete the formalities. We explain what is the final date for submitting PIT in 2023.

Taxes – when to submit PIT for 2022?

Every taxpayer who earned income in the 2022 tax year must submit a PIT declaration. The PIT declaration should be submitted in the PIT form appropriate to the given type of income. Taxpayers are obliged to submit the settlement on time from February 15 to April 30 of the year following the tax year.

If April 30 falls on a Saturday or a public holiday, the last day for filing a tax return is the first working day following the holiday or holidays.

This means that in the current year, the tax return for 2022 must be submitted no later than May 2, 2023.

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Taxes – how and where to submit a PIT return

Tax returns for 2022 are submitted by taxpayers in paper or electronic form. We deliver the tax return in paper form to the tax office or send it to the office by post, preferably with return receipt requested. If we settle electronically, we can send the statements, for example, via e-Declarations.

However, the most popular service is Your e-PIT, in which the tax office prepares the completed tax return itself. Until May 2, 2022, taxpayers can verify and modify or approve their settlements in the Twoj e-PIT service. later CASH will automatically accept PIT-37 and PIT-38 returns. Thanks to this, PIT will be filed on time, even if the taxpayer does not take any action.

According to the tax office in the explanations posted on the website, in the Your e-PIT service, taxpayers who PIT settlements tax to be paid, they will have their tax micro-account indicated so that they can conveniently make online payments.

If the tax return from which the tax to be paid is automatically accepted, the tax office will send the taxpayer information about the amount of tax to be paid within one month from the date of expiry of the tax payment deadline.

Taxes for 2022. How to sign a tax return?

Tax returns submitted in paper form must be signed by hand.

If the tax return is submitted electronically via the Your e-PIT service, in order to sign the document, you must log in to the e-Tax Office website using, for example, login.gov.pl – i.e. a trusted profile, e-document or electronic banking.

After logging in, sending a tax return via the Your e-PIT service does not require additional verification.

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