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PIT 2023. By when do you have to settle

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There is less and less time left to settle with the tax office for 2022. By Thursday, the Ministry of Finance reported that taxpayers had submitted more than 13.7 million tax returns. Those who have not done so have until May 2 inclusive.

Ministry of Finance reported that by April 27, taxpayers had submitted over 13.7 million tax returns for 2022.

Most of the declarations were submitted electronically, mainly via Your e-PIT. As part of this service, taxpayers have so far submitted almost 7 million declarations, the ministry said. It added that about 7 percent of the payments had been received in paper form so far. declaration.

The ministry also announced that in this year’s settlement, taxpayers can count on tax refund. “As of April 25, we have already refunded over PLN 18.8 billion to taxpayers. These are returns from over 8.3 million declarations,” the Ministry of Finance informed.

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When do you have to submit your tax return?

Those who have not yet filed a tax return for 2022, have time to settle with the tax office until May 2, inclusive.

Pursuant to the regulations, the settlement should be made by the end of April, unless the last day of April falls on a non-working day – then the deadline is extended to the end of the first working day after April 30.

This year, that day is May 2.

Your e-PIT service

One of the tax settlement methods is to use the Your e-PIT service, where pre-filled tax returns are waiting for taxpayers. They can be accepted or supplemented. If someone does not have the right to any tax relief, he does not have to do anything – the system will consider the tax returns as completed and will accept them when May 2 ends.

You can log in to the Your e-PIT service via the e-Tax Office, which can be accessed using the Trusted Profile (PZ), e-ID, via electronic banking or the mObywatel application.

You can also log in to the Your e-PIT service using your tax data. For this purpose, the taxpayer must provide PESEL (or tax identification number and date of birth), the amount of income from the settlement for 2021 and one of the amounts of income from one of the information from payers for 2022 (e.g. from PIT-11 from the employer), which must be confirmed with the amount of overpayment/tax to be paid from the settlement for 2021. Taxpayers who received information from the disability pension authority (PIT-40A) and did not settle their own taxes in 2021 should provide the amount to be paid from PIT-40A.

E-declaration and paper version of PIT

The statement can be submitted using the e-Declarations system. This is a solution for non-agricultural people economic activity or special departments of agricultural production on their own, as such persons must independently complete and submit the PIT-36 or PIT-36L tax return to the tax office. The e-Declarations system can also be used by those who do not run a business. The system allows you to select the appropriate declaration, complete it and send it, also with the use of tax data.

You can also settle using paper forms – e.g. fill in a tax return in the e-Declarations system and print it, or settle directly on a paper form, which you can, for example, take from the nearest tax office. Such a paper statement can be submitted directly to the tax office or sent by post – in both cases it must be done by the end of May 2. In the case of statements sent by post, the date of the postmark is decisive.

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